Who is the Ubermensch (Nietzsche's Superman)?


The above post by promethean75 (taken from the thread “Erasing The Perceived Difference Of Identity” - viewtopic.php?f=3&t=195039 ) makes Me wonder who the best, most prime, elite, and exalted example of an individual from historic achievement we can take to personify the Ubermensch ideal set out in Nietzsche’s Zarathustra.

Is he (or she) indomitable, valiant, holy, and wise? Besides those qualities, what are other virtues that we should be looking for in such a man set apart from all the rest in his council, understanding, heart, and soul?

this is an exclusive conversation that not just anybody can have. before i open the door and let you in… what’s the password?

So the key is to be the ultimate overseer of the strategic and mobilizing chessboard - where is the Love, the mania of the Ubermensch. In essence, where is the Power of Forever that catapults Nietzsche to romantic vistas of everlasting pleasure and golden twilight?

We need a better vision for our world, a more complete map of M theory. If we could hack other universes, rewrite timelines, reinvent wisdom, and sail the oceans of nirvana, then everything would be a golden age of discovery. There’s so much mystifying phenomena out there in the stellar gloom. If we could just Unleash the powers of our Imaginations, and wonder about the most profound, eye opening, erotic, and farfetched questions, then we would interrogate the mundane limits of so called sense, and shatter the galaxy with a rescue plan for catapulting this rock to an anchor of change. We are in desperate need of change.

What is the ultimate goal of science? I thought that Nietzsche had a blueprint for initiating and launching the Superman from the lowest to the highest. Science makes mankind powerful, more elementally refracting from all chambers and focus points. There must be a world domination or a higher vanity that could capture the ideal, and make speechcraft the enforcer of bringing into play such elegant designs.

Science holds the keys to enlightenment and wisdom. By pursuing this devastating art, we could elevate the bridge to the kingdom, and display masterful architectonics for rerouting and subjecting nature’s dynamite in our hands!

Yes, he does, and you just need to read all the Nietzscheans and find their secret archives.

A higher vanity, thats good
yes it is all a cosmic joke as Ecmandude says and an act of will is all here is to redeem it.
And it must be an absolute act of absolute will to redeem it absolutely.

Yes that is the plan.

Yes but who’s or what or which plan? God’s or Man’s or, it doesent matter anymore?

Hey, barbarianhorde…

Jesus taught this first by stating that whatever you want with your full heart will be yours.

He was a tricky guy…

He already knew there were so many things that nobody would want with their FULL heart.

The Ubermensche has Free-Will and is Undetermined.

What makes you think the Nazis and Hitler failed??

The Ubermensche succeeded. He won.