Who is threatened by racism mostly?

Who is threatened by racism mostly?

  • Non-White, old, male people.
  • Non-White, old, female people.
  • Non-White, young, male people.
  • Non-White, young, female people.
  • White, old, male people.
  • White, old, female people.
  • White, young, male people.
  • White, young, female people.
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What do you think about the fact that certain people are threatened by racism?

For example:

Is it just because of the envy of certain racists?
Is it just because of the poorness of certain racists?
Is it just because of the weakness of certain racists?
Is it just because of the wealthy of certain people?
Is it just because of the lobbyism of certain people?
Is it just because of the power of certain people?
So: Is it just because of inequality (although equality will never exist) ?

:question: :question:

Or: …

What is it?

What is the question, mostly?

What is your point, mostly?


I don’t think that in the long run it can be good for our survival as human beings but only time will tell that.
I do think, sadly enough, that in a sense it is a natural occurrence in nature, human nature. or I wonder if it could actually exist otherwise.
Dog eat dog, the survival of the fittest, the so-called weak being over-powered by the so-called strong.

For example:

I would say that it could be all of the above for certain people, depending on the individual.
For some it would be about fear, for others greed, for others jealousy, for others a lack of knowledge and understanding about who certain people are.
For others, I can see it also as pure narcissism ~~ God forbid that others should exist, who do not look like us, act like us, think like us, dress like us, worship like us.
After all, we are the superior race, above all other races.

How would You define it?

Who is threatened by racism?

Oh, I would probably say foremost those who in the present moment are targeted with hate and violence.

Also, those who know and understand just how inhumane and animal like human beings can be toward each other. Perhaps threatened here may not be the right word to use but then again maybe it is.
What word would you use to describe the above people, Arminius?
Perhaps vigilant would work.

Any conscious aware person can be threatened by it, realizing how destructive it can be and how in a single moment after a process, rage and hate and tempers can flare up and before one even realizes it, there can be so many who can die, there can be such pain and loss.

We may not all feel threatened by racism because some of us do not observe or think about it much, many of us, we do not care much about what is going on around us, unless it touches us and our neck of the woods, we do not know our dark history, and could care less, we do not know and understand the darkness which is in us and is capable of repeating that dark history.

blacks are threatened by racism the most. this is because, racism convolutes and construes constructive critiques.

because the abuse they have suffered from racists in the past, they conflate constructive criticism for racism. anyone who points out flaws in black culture is deemed onto the boat of “evil racists”. and because of this, blacks never feel the onus to improve their own culture.

There is a great chasm between constructive criticism, Trixie, and down-right racism.

I’m not saying that there can’t be any observable truth in what you say but let’s face it, many of us cannot accept constructive criticism always.
And why is that do you think? What is it within us that makes us uncomfortable with that?

But I might ask you to explain or give an example of your first statement.

being half black and half white it would sufice to say that i am both a liazon and arbiter of both entities, first of all i rather enjoy white fantasy medieval movies quite dearly and it disrupts the atmosphere to have black rap music being thrown in at the end credits, suffice to say blacks need a firm slap on the wrist and told to respect certain cultures, and that such music has no place in higher quality films until blacks buck and decide to improve their own culture and create works approaching the quality of classical music. but of course, anyone who says that rap music disrupts higher films of mystical evanescence, is told to shut up because its politically incorrect to say.

Sometimes that combination makes for even more beauty.

Are you being facetious here?

Again, are you being facetious here?
I don’t know of any black rap music at the end of white fantasy medieval movies lol but that doesn’t mean that there isn’t any. Is there? lol :blush:

I don’t particular like rap, or maybe ghetto rap. I am basically a slow and smooth jazz and classical kind of person, along with rock and pop. Ghetto rap is just not my personal preference. But if the rap is intelligent and the words have meaning for me, then I like it.

On the other hand, when thinking about it, it does pertain to another culture. Perhaps not one that we have lived and experienced and so that is why we cannot get into it. Nevertheless, I don’t like violence or graphic words of raw sex but to each his own.
You know, unless we can walk a mile in my neighbor’s moccasins…

Being facetious again? I can only really think that you may be.
I think that we all need to learn to accept certain cultures and maybe even enriched by them if we can be. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder after all.

Not unless it actually does have its place.
You can probably say that about any music in any movie. Usually they just get it right. So awesome, beautiful and inspiring.
I don’t know how these writers, musicians who write the music for movies do it but I so admire them.


Racism exists in all cultures, here in the west it means the inability of white European people to have a distinct identity of their own.

Europe is exacerbating the situation… open borders. and all that. :icon-rolleyes:

Who is threatened by racism? everyone. to some extent, but I do think (from my experiences) that it’s more a thing between certain types of males than between females, as females would simply come across as jealous bitches… which is a very unattractive quality to have… and therefore an undesirable one to exhibit or possess.

It’s in Europe and any nation where there was once a majority European population.

Here in the United States they’re trying to say Donald Trump’s merit immigration plan is racist where in my mind his plan on limiting immigration is mild and not extreme enough. Just to limit immigration you get called a racist!

I will say this though that foreigners and anybody else will eventually face the day when Europeans (white people) have had enough to which more than likely violent rebellions will take precedence becoming commonplace. You cannot annihilate and doom entire race into oblivion followed by calling them racist for expressing discontent expecting them to sit idly back by doing nothing. This will not work overtime and these tactics over a period of time will not be successful.

Thankyou, I am glad someone appreciates someone who has the best beauty of both worlds.

That hurts, that you question my loyalty to white fantasy culture. I love princess movies, movies of magic and movies with medieval knights.

I’m not a super-expert of rap, I just mean that shitty pop music like that they play at the end which has some inner-city singer in autotune.

my favorite rap is rap by white trash, or blacks who have a political message, other than that I can’t stand the stuff.

As obnoxious as I am I’d like to think I am a higher-class of deviant, to be honest the violence graphic words and raw sex of the common rap artist is much too distasteful for me as well. To tell the truth I would always dread playing basketball because the males were so aggressive and rude to each other.

I am quite serious in that I ought to be lord of africa and mayor of detroit, I will force the blacks to have higher taste in culture and I will not accept mediocrity as our standards. As a half-white half-black I was exiled from my homeland, africa many thousands of years ago and it is my destiny to rule.

Yes but the problem is, the whole movie has beautiful music and then they have to play shitty pop music at the end its very, very, disheartening.

My problem with trump is not that he is banning muslims, but that he is not banning the christian religion and jew religion as well.

…an immature response to me, but one that’s designed to not hinder the unending influx and continue profiting the profiteers.

It seems that the triggering of civil unrest is the goal… something the world’s major players want.

They may desire global civil unrest but I can gaurantee they won’t get the expected outcome they’re hoping for.

Immature in what way?

In this way:

I have nothing more to say on the matter… except, go Brexit/reduce them immigration quotas.