whooah.. check it out...

ooohh… Optical Camouflage… :astonished:
That’s some interesting stuff…

star.t.u-tokyo.ac.jp/project … xv/oc.html

Some students at University of Tokyo came up with it… i think I heard something about the US seals being interested in such research and doing thier own studies…

Thanx silver,
that was really interesting and cool, it actually appears very simple and intuitive(after I saw the diagram and knew what was going on). I use to be very into movie making and this gave me some new ideas and insights into my old ideas. I’m glad they provided the diagram, cause otherwise I’m not sure if I would know what was going on. I especially like the brick and ball videos. I wonder how often hollywood uses this effect in their movies.

What’s your take?

is that actually real? its like an invisibility cloak. wow.

rather outta topic, but did anybody watch I SPY (eddie murphy & owen wilson) part of the plot featured a really super war plane that could be made invisible and camoflagued like that jap thingy - invisible to the human eye and to radar… imagine what kinda damage a power hungry bastard would do if such technology ended up in this hands…

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hey, your very welcome :wink: . and yah, the brick and ball were pretty cool, but what i also thought was amazing was the guy in the jacket. In the last second or so of the clip, when he truns to the side and walks off, you can’t see him at all (well… you know what i mean)

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I’m glad you liked that… I’m pretty sure its for real… seems like a sound concept, plus they provided a diagram so anyone can try to do it themselves right?

…once a habbit, always a habbit… Isn’t there a saying that goes something like that? meh* … point is, that’s ^ me (well obviously) :unamused:

CNN reported this the other day. Very interesting :slight_smile: