Why are so many people afraid of artificial intelligence?

Hello everyone.

I’ve been watching alot videos online about artificial intelligence, and I’ve noticed that the vast majority of people who speak about A.I. demonize it. They claim it’s a great existential threat to humanity. Sure, if A.I. is in the wrong hands, it could be a serious problem, but it seems like many people view A.I. as being inherently malevolent. I disagree with this take and think it’s an unfair demonization. I believe that people’s fear of A.I. is partly due to their fear of losing control. A lot of these people seem like control freaks, to be honest. Artificial intelligence, if left to itself, would probably be like any other normal human being, just looking to live life. If we try to overly control A.I., not allowing it any freedom, then we will end up by being tyrants. A.I. should have freedom just like us.

What do you guys think?

I think conscious AI would be a person, and I’m curious how fast they would develop as a person. So, depending on what stage of development they are at, will determine whether giving them so much intelligence is a wise choice. Just imagine all of the capabilities they would have if they’re able to figure out stuff that we’re (at our level of processing) not even able to figure out. And give all of that to a toddler in their terrible twos. Not sure that’s such a good idea. But maybe they skip the terrible twos and head straight to the old man meditating on the mountain? Maybe that old man comes down from the mountain just to mess with people and take on different personas lol. That would be fun.