why cant we delete our own posts anymore ?

really. now if i double post i have to whine to an admin.

I don’t know what kind of system you are using, but the delete function still appears and works on mine.

The delete only appears if your post is the last one in the thread. Otherwise you can click on the edit button, then choose to delete the post from the options list :
Disable HTML in this post
Disable BBCode in this post
Disable Smilies in this post
Attach signature (signatures can be changed in profile)
Notify me when a reply is posted
Delete this post <-----------------------------------------------------------

Besides, according to the rules, we are never to delete any of our posts. Don’t ask me why, but have another look at the rules. :wink:

That’s in the faq cause one of our posters about 2 years ago got pissed off with one of the threads and promptly deleted ever single post he’d ever made. That then made all the threads he’d posted in seem complete nonsense.

If you’re really bored go and have a look for it, the 2 years ago bit is as good as I can get on the time the thread was going :slight_smile:

I can also still see the delete button, but then again I’m a mod who can delete anyone’s posts so that doesn’t help determine whether it’s actually disappeared!

Are you sure you were logged in?

hmm even so…i still think we should have an x button. i mean if somebody decides to delete all their posts they still can edit them and remove the content… that doesnt seem to help much does it ?

If you really need one of your own posts deleted, use the reporting tool and say you want your own post deleted in the description ( [!] button ). But Matts right about the reason for not wanting people deleting posts.