Why did god create flawed humans??

If god is all powerful and can do what ever it wants why give us the opportunity to not listen to him?

If he did create us, why make us flawed, then give us the opportunity to mess up then throw us in hell when we do… its like making a faulty car knowing it will then break down and then getting angry at it when it does???

If he wanted us to all belive in him, why not program it into us?

You’re talking completely religious! I believe not in such a thing, hell for guilties, heaven for innocents and so on and on! The biggest gift a human got is “Living”. It’s ok till you live as an individual, but everything goes complicated when some other one appears! If this way continue after a while we have a colony of humans and if it grows, then the “Society” appears. That’s the way such things like God, Good, Bad, Evil and etc appear. IMO rules start to be made when we have more than “One” human in one place. All of these aspects you’re mentioning is the result of confronting of more than ONE human’s lifes!

Because he’s all powerful he has the power to save you from your mistakes, thats why you can chose to not listen to him.

Hell is temporary, once god has stoped creating, hell will be over and everyone will be free from it.

Thank god =D>

This is the irony of the non beliver, god will save them regardless.

God is not going to let you down, otherwise he’s not god.

Mullfa, cut the crap.

jsshah1, your question undoes a theistic answer, evolution may be a more satisfying answer.

I agree with you totally.
All morals exist as social structure fabrics/support-systems. It’s not immoral to kill a pig or a cow, even though they feel pain and they don’t want to die; if they could talk, they would beg for their lives to be saved, but they can’t.

“Right” and “wrong” are human desire, not universal [or even global] fact!

First of all, what God provided man with is a “free will”. A free will to accept His grace, love and mercy AND a free will to reject all those things if we so choose. If He did not, then He would only be creating emotionless robots, much like what you see on the shelves of every toy store in America…vacant of reasoning, rationalizing, etc. The fallen angel Lucifer, the author of deceipt, has chosen to reject God’s love and grace. The evil you see in the world is not the absence of God, but the presence of evil.

Secondly, hell is not God’s first choice for YOU or anybody else. The New Testament talks directly about His patience in waiting for people to turn to Him even though we are prone to wander and seek our own, continually failing, ways. Hell is not neccesarily “primarily” an eternal torture chamber as so many people through the years have depicted. The first and foremost reason to fear hell is that you will be 100% seperated from God. He will not be there for you to call upon His name. On top of that, you will experience the Lake of Fire.

It is NOT like making a faulty car because cars have no choice in the matter of failing. We do. A car cannot decide anything. Christ never told us we must be perfect, (that would negate the entire point of the cross), He just told you to try to be perfect and to believe in Him and the one who sent Him. That’s it. Would you let anyone into your home (in the company of your wife, children, family) who openly hated and rejected everything about you? Even for a day? How about if you had given the life and blood of your son in exchange for that person’s soul and they still rejected you? Would you invite them into your home then? Well?

no god.

Government giving freedom to the population,mo relation to church or God.

is that a bad thing?
i think rational thought is a good thing when we are sorted like robots.
reasoning is understanding of nature’s harmony,not the sound of bulldozers and church choirs.
true peace=no church,no military,no school,no tech.
though i cannot give true peace,you all can understand what i’m offering all of humanity,by thinking rationally.

Lucifer never fell,SATAN was god’s closest pet,and his pet deceived him,no relation too lucifer the angel,angels don’t deceive,pets can though,for instance SATAN.

no God is the absence,which is one we should be proud of.
the only evil is irrational human beliefs destroying nature.
religous techers influence cubic students into destroying nature with human tech,its evil worship of a false god entity.

the thought of a hell is for self-improvement,destruction is re-creation.

it also speaks of how much “God” will destroy us,just for not noticing “he” is there,the damned beast.

i’m aware of that,it’s a summoning aether for manifesting your sins though.

is that a bad thing? God is but a black hole tearing humanity apart,Hell is paradise compared to God.

it’s no emergency.

I deserve it.

sure they do,thats why the engines die,wheels pop,windows break,exhaust cracks,umm yah,it decays through time,thats failing.

unless it has an onboard emotional system.

perfection is useless.
Christ came from his parents,not God.

yes,and im not God.

i think the question should be:what makes a human flawed? lack of awareness. why do people with a lack of awareness appear to be falwed? a lack of awareness leads to bad judgment. why is bad judgement a flaw? bad judgement when put into action makes someone who has “good” judgement see the person as flawed. for example; you watch a car accident happen in front of you. you know that some one made a poor judgement about their environment, acted on it, and it incurred negetive results.

Trevor_W, I love you.
I don’t feel alone when you’re around. :laughing:

May I add, desporate imbalance or lacking – also can make us flawed. All of our incompleteness makes us flawed, and that’s more genetic then it is personal choice.
The “freewill” argument is God-damned bullshit. Our freewil doesn’t incode our DNA, thanks allot God.

What about beg, plead, day and night, with nothing to show for it?
What the fuck is that?

God didn’t create us flawed we became flawed. To “program” our love for him would make it void. What is the point of love if you can’t choose it? We screwed up and aren’t perfect God understands that. Although dissapointed when we stray from the path he still loves us.

that’s right,and that’s what makes “Him” flawed as well,our evolved Mind is a prison too all word-gods,they can only be manifested if you accept religous illusions.

but he IT is the void.

choice or feeling? that is the decision,leave God out of your HUMAN decisions,God doesn’t understand why “he” is there,all he knows is he’s starving,he is the blackhole of eternal hunger.

only if you think so,id’e rather know so i will be aware before i obliterate that THING.

Two poles interact, creating change and growth.

Answer me this:

Do animals on earth create inferior and imperfect children, or do animals and microbes create equals and betters that eventually evolve to be more advanced and capable then the original ancient parents?

Why would God give birth to inferiors that got worse and worse with time? Wouldn’t he instead, be capable of creating equals and eventually there would be betters?

If God is perfect, it is impossble to create the imperfect, but there is no perfect, humane God. All claims of the biblical God are proofless.

One is the lowest form of existence. When one is alone, they have nothing to interact with – and have no reason to change or do anything; they are dead. If God is all-powerful and all-wise, how did he get to this point? If he contains all ability, what filled him with this? And why isn’t he using it?

Singular “perfect”, singular “God”, singular “opinion”, singular “self” – all is arrogant, stagnant, doomed.

When alone we are nothing. People invented God, then they made God hate the world, because they hated the world, because singularity basterds hate diversity and variety. They hated themself becuase they could not dominate themself, so they claimed that they were sinful and imperfect. You tyrants! We aren’t “imperfect” – we just are less then something better, and always will be. Nothing ever was – or will be “perfect”. Our “imperfection” is the only thing that makes change possible on earth, and change is life.

Exactly God created us because he was alone.

You’ve got it backwards. God invented people because he realised the uselessness of being alone. What good is a king without a people to rule and love? Being less than something better is the same Idea as being imperfect. You could be better but your not.