Why do bad things happen when God exists?

If there is God and He is good, then why does “bad” exist? What is the reason for God to create all that is bad? Why couldn’t God create a world that has only bliss and happiness? Why has God made suffering? Why has God made problems? Why has God made poverty? Why do we suffer? Why do we fall sick? Why has God made death? If God is such a good God and if He is the creator of the universe, then why has He created this whole concept of suffering? Why has He let people become terrorists? Why has He let people create pain? And this is not just about people. Look at the animal world. Why has He created it in such a way that the tiger kills the deer, the cat eats the mouse, and the dog chases the cat? Why has God made the world like this?

We can go on asking questions as to why God has created the world like this, but the question that we need to ask ourselves is that should we question this way? Should we question His authority – Why He has done this? What He has done? Do we know better about what He has done, or does the Creator know better about what He has done? So from our limited intelligence and viewpoints, is it right to comment on or question and be judgmental about what God has created and why God has created so?

Why are we questioning what God has done? Why do we doubt God’s intentions? Why do we question God’s plan for our life? Why do we question what God has created on Earth? Should we not spend time pondering upon these rather than questioning what God has done? This is the question I ask myself today.


There is no growth if there is no bad or no good. There must be both. 1 with out 2 is 0. Alone , single has zero reason, it is and is not. A single entity cannot be because, nothing else is there to interact with it.

Because God is not the only thing in existence and many things work against Gods work.

God created beings who question. Why do you question the questioning?

“God” is either not omnipotent and all good, or omnipotent and not all good.

Because nature isn’t conscious outside of life. That’s why there is life, to fill that hole. Consume or be consumed is how the universe works, it’s a hostile place to be, yet here we all are.

You restrain yourself to extremes because that was what you were taught to do. What if God was made in our image at the same time we were made in its? That in itself is a faulty argument and I call myself on it. What if God only created a part of us and we only a part of it as so many other things also created parts of us all and so many other things and so the continuation existed; continuity. This is more realistic. It would note that God is fallible, through networked resources able to, at moments, be omnipotent and still not knowing everything, every detail only because it remains impossible to hold every detail of existence in mind all at the same time. You say what is possible or impossible, and I say, what is possible if we change the perception such as flight became possible by shifting the perception from us being able to sprout wings or fly like Superman to being able to fly with support from other things? What is impossible at that point except nothing at all if we only change our perceptions on how to go about it? Surely in spirituality some things may be more possible than in physicality, but even a spiritual God would fall short upon trying to understand physicality without stepping foot in it from time to time to learn the limitations of it as opposed to the seeming lack of limitations that spiritual life may grant. And, perhaps, spiritual life, afterlife, has its limitations as well thus causing repeated ventures to physicality whether the spirits like it, prefer it, or not.

Or perhaps you know so little of the subject, your judgements are adolescent.

What ever brought you to the conclusion that you understand “good” from evil such as to be comfortable proclaiming such a naive philosophy concerning an supposedly omniscient existence??

I actually used to be christian, used to believe in god. I was the same as everyone else, then one day I took a step back and looked at the world. If there is a conscious entity that is a powerful creator, all knowing and all good then things would not be the way they are today. There are more of us that want peace than there are who want war, unfortunately we do not have the “power” to stop that, it takes everyone.

If God can have error in creation, then how is it all powerful?

You see, it isn’t that I do not believe in a god, it’s that I do not believe in an all powerful conscious one. It’s nature, we are god. We create as much as our creation.

You are right, perception is everything. Reality is what we perceive it to be, I am only going off my life and observations, everyone here has gone through different lives. The mind is quite illusive.

I’d like you a lot better if you weren’t hostile to me since day one of being here.

Good and evil are mainly to do with intent, ones intent is most often and most likely determined by whatever influenced or happened to them before ever reaching the point of making that decision. There are external forces that promote someones decision making skills, so how can they be held fully accountable for what the world molded them in to?

It isn’t naive, James. It’s the reality of what being good or evil is. So I urge you as well as all others to drop the hostility, it only molds others into a negative decision maker. I am guilty of sometimes being hostile as well, and I will apologize.

I never acquired the impression that you cared who you liked or vsvrsa. Why else would you be always professing what you believe to be anti-religion rhetoric?

…And you know this because…?

I don’t understand how it isn’t plainly visible to you… Beat a dog, they bite. Love a dog, they love. That’s the most simplistic way to describe good and evil being directly effected by influence/external forces.

Why wouldn’t I care who I like? I am the type of person to get a long with everyone, usually. Just because I point out the contradictions of religion doesn’t mean I hate every religious person, I just wish everyone could see the contradictions as well, and understand what a god really is or what it entails… I don’t think it would allow cherry picking, if a book is there that it wants you to follow it, it would make people follow it, would it not? There are are just too many loop holes.

I used to be religious as well, things happened of which my view changed, too much doesn’t make sense for the answer to be god.

What makes you think there is an error in creation? What makes you think that if it is an error that God could control it and keep it from happening? We are not all God even if, in spiritual growth through time and space, we are. The ultimate end result would be God, not those littered along the way. We do create as much as our creation as much as our creator. All that is said of God is that he was the first and will be the last and with that headstart in mind, would continuously and constantly be better than all others, even at his worst. Even if We are all God, what about the points where we are not, where we do not exemplify those parts of God seen to be God, defined as God and still tote the name of God, still claim to speak as God in the name of God and tear down our own efforts? And if that is not error but learning lessons along the way, then it still goes to show that ‘God’ did not put the error in creation, if error it can be claimed and only all that is wrong in creation put in effect all of the hardships while learning all that is right and trying to put those in place, or adding to it if they could not keep the worst out. And since we are all adding to creation and we know what does exist, at the moment of pure potential at the beginning of creation, even if God was started pure, the overwhelming nature of pure possibility and potential would have enabled all that was wrong and even if God did create it all at that point, or at the least set it in motion, the worst would exist hidden even from Gods eyes until he took the blinders off or it became nonsubtle to the point where he began to notice it or some blend of both.

I’m sure that we could find a lot of philosophical material in that question, but for the moment, I only feel like laughing. It’s a fair question.

Perfection is balance.

would you balance even imbalance? Would you even discipline yourself to be undisciplined? Would you take even immoderation in moderation?

Emmm… yes.

It isn’t what you believe or disbelieve or even preach that makes you liked or disliked. It is your willingness to genuinely listen (and often you don’t even need to be genuine as long as you act the part).

There are “loopholes” and “contradictions” only because you presume to understand a language that you clearly do not understand. And you don’t understand it because you don’t listen. And you don’t listen because you don’t know to whom to listen. And you don’t know to whom to listen because everyone is evil and/or stupid from your perspective … except you.