Why does everyone in the Matrix wear Leather and Punk Music?

Why does everyone in the matrix wear leather suits and listen to punk music?

Why not just like, normal fucking clothes?

Also, if Agent Smith was able to enter the real world through Bane, showing a machine programmed mind was compatible with a organic human mind, why didn’t they just reverse that shit, and make their own agents from a machine mind plugged into the matrix from their ships? Whenever agents would go after them, they could of unleashed their own agent, and no matter how many times you kill him, he wouldn’t give a fuck.

They had all these fighting programs, making the lady in red… why the fuck not?

Honestly, what’s with all the angry music?

They are associated with rebellion and revolution and dystopia like the film is

Punk music?

Thanks, I needed a laugh.


A normal fantasy? Who wants that?

Abnormal people.


I believe you that you are abnormal. No shortage of free normal porn, right?

Are you turning this into a investigation into whether or not I watch abnormal porn?

I’m talking about the Matrix trilogy, not if I like to watch two brunettes with ponytails, soft skin and geeky glasses scissoring one another in a library. That’s none of your damn business.

You’re right Turd, such an investigation with such a subject would be more fruity than fruitful. No matter how vitamin deficient I am, you are an avacado that I’d rather abandon in that library. No, I’m.

We can’t sex, Joker has forever polluted your body. Your forever off limits.

Joker and I enjoy sports of laughter where you would be a welcomed relief, with a bidet of course.

Stop talking naughty and return to being a punk wearing slippery black leather.

I don’t wear leather, it is secret code for sodomy.

Your brilliance had appeal then I realized it was a peel of sunburned skin. Save me Jerkey!

When I was 15, I lusted after my hot 30 year old teacher.

This is perfectly healthy, and normal.

Yet society says this is abnormal…Even asked her to marry me, but she wouldn’t due to social norms. Fuck society.

Because of this, I am mentally ill. Society, and bullshit social norms, literally robbed me of my happiness and mental health.



Punk music isn’t angry music, it is frustrated angry music, and so, it tends towards the principle of sucking big time.

It makes no sense that Matrix series would feature characters who listen to punk music. Maybe you confused it with cyber-punk?

Now cyber-punk is different. Cyber-punk is badass, if for no other reason than because it borrows from, or fundamentally is, psy-trance.

I cannot tell what the real is, for I have not seen any of the Matrix movies, strange I know, but I am not really a movies guy.

Look what I found:


This is psy-trance, or Goa trance as some tend to call it (for reasons unknown to me.) Juno is psy.

Now, this is very close to cyber-punk. You can say it’s cyber-punk. I am not sure what exactly is cyber-punk, but I am sure I am not much wrong in my estimation.

This is quite above any punk shit I’ve heard. Of course, there are exceptions, but as a rule, punk music is music by exhausted for exhausted . . . no energy whatsoever in there. This is not the case with packed psy-trance of this sort.

Either way. This music is not only badass, it is also futurustic, so it fits Matrix movies quite well, I’d say.

Badass people listen to badass music. What do you want them to listen to? Christian gospels?

Same thing with leather suits . . .

Punk music isn’t even music. Its on the same level as rap, possibly worse.

It does have energy though, that is the one thing it has.

How to smell a retard from a mile away - if they like Punk music, or if they like Rap.

People say…Punk is about politics and social change.

Well then why cant they discuss politics on internet boards like rational individuals, instead of making us listen to their ear-raping dissonant crap. It’s gives the vibe that people who want to improve society are just retards that can’t make decent music.

It doesn’t. It’s quite exhausted.

When I say punk I, of course, think in terms of Sex Pistols and other early punk bands. That kind of music is so rubbish it’s almost as if they are making fun of themselves. They can’t take themselves seriously. That’s how unserious they are.

Try comparing Anarchy in the UK and Prodigy’s Breathe for example. Both contain an element of ridicule, but Prodigy is just way too fucking badass . . .

Tell me what exact songs to google so I don’t randomly pick one of their worst.