Why does god ask people to do daft things?

Daft things that ‘god’ - creator of the universe - [size=150]needs[/size] people (1/1000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 by mass or volume or any measurement you choose - of gods creation) to do:

  1. wear silly peices of cloth over their heads - he could have had cotton growing from our head if he wanted

  2. not eat pork - this one is simple - don’t make pigs

  3. chop off parts of the penis - did the creation of the universe really include plans for a foreskin(?) - the atoms, galaxies, Sun, moon, planets… oh and the foreskin (this bit to be removes asap!!!).

  4. not eat meat - herbivore humans - that would be really easy for god - use cow dna codes.

  5. pray - what does god get from people praying??? - ?

(Please dont hesitate to add to this list of dafts things that are done in the name of god)

What could any creator of the universe get from this? (I don’t mean this post - some of you are really picky :smiley: )

I thought this was going to be about asking Abraham to kill his son.

Interesting facts: as a cross-cultural relationship, the incidence of belief in moralizing deities is higher in large societies, and also higher in societies with resource (such as water) shortages. Also, communes that legislate restrictions on food and rights of members both last longer and are more successful.

For a start God ask only Jews to do those “daft” things. It is not applicable to all other people. For two when you are young your parents do ask you do “daft” things too, like washing your hands before you eat, or to put on your underwear, or to tell the truth when you sure know lieing is the only way to save your skin. Well now you have grown you do the same to your children. And now do you think it is “daft”? And for three to a fool a genius is just another fool.

Think about what we get. I get your point that there is no point in praying but think of this: Everyone in life snaps one day and becomes crazy. 90 % of these people start talking to “god” and since such a large majority takes this rout people don’t see them as crazy. The other 10 % of the people take the truth about god, what ever it may be, and start talking to them self’s etc. So what we get from praying is looking sane in the eyes of the mass of the population. Get it? I know it doesn’t truly relate to your “what does god get” rather its “what do we get”. It was just a random idea…

Before I refute your non-intellectual questions, I ask eveyone ta read my signature.

I will now refute each question.

Women are only obligated to wear headcovers if they show themselves in public. However a man and women in marriage should enjoy eachother. So how could they enjoy eachother if she’s wearing such veil all the time? Is it forbidden that a man and women to see eachother completly?

There must be a reason for such commandment.:

  1. To protect women from wicked people of society.
  2. To obey God. If you believe that God exist you should do everything He commands you to do, for He is God.
  3. If a man marriage a woman, he want a special bondage with that women same counts the other way around. The man should be the only one who is enjoying her private and beautiful parts and the woman should the only one to enjoy the private part of that man. In Arabic we call such places in the body “Awrah”. Awrah are ornament (if not misspelled).

Human beings are more OPENLY obsessed about women than on men. Just turn your TV on, first half naked body you will come a cross is for 90% women.

How come? Men are more actively stimulated to the women body.

The woman who is aware of her environment (especially these days) should cover up and protect her beauty and respect.

Truly, pigs have unhealty meat and at the samething it’s a test for mankind.

Nowadays, how many people eat pork? Too much!
Nowadays, are people fat or thin? Fat!
Nowadays, is it proven that pig meat is unhealty? Yes!

But let’s say it is healty meat. This is a commandment from God, Himself. You shoudl refrain yourself from eating forbidden food. God can that way test your faith on Him. If you feel more attracted to the delicious taste of pork meat but ignore God’s command, certainly you’ve failed the test.

Indeed, the foreskin can contain many unhealty substances. If you become religious (in Judaism or in Islam) you should cut off the foreskin. Why? Because God shows you the way to be healthy and for those who refuse to believe in God, they keep the foreskin and be ignorant to themselves and God! For more information about this issue contact me!

My religion doesn’t say anything about not eating meat.

You aksed the question so wrong. What does men get from praying? Because God is self-sufficient, the Selfsustainer. For He doesn’t need us. But we need Him. How can show to God that we believe in him? How can we show to God our gratitude of everything He gave us? How can directly communicate with God if we need Him or want to aks Him?


Please be precise and comment me for further logical details.

And if the woman does not, for she is not a Muslim, and if a Muslim man sees her, then what?

The non-Muslim woman sinned or the Muslim man sinned, or both, or what?

Why should you?

How is pork responsible for people being fat nowadays? Also, where’s this so-called proof that pork is unhealthy?

That God should wish to “test our faith” is just implausible, and it’s grasping. The reality is more likely that in the climates in which these commandments arose, and before the days of decent meat preservation, pork was actually dangerous to eat. How do the authorities enforce this? By appealing to moralising deities the properties of which are irrefutable and allow access to any transgression, whose word is non-negotiable, who are above suspicion because they’re without material interests and who last forever.

Another case of an environmentally beneficial activity being attributed to God.

If a woman does not cover her head up she will be held for only one thing:

  1. Not obeying God

Besides the religious factor she would become more vulnerable for harassments and the middle point of disrespectful calling.

The Muslim man would have sinned if he looked at that woman, on purpose.

Truly, men and women have the same right and obligations. Men have clothing requirements too in Islam.

But the woman is not a Muslim.

For the simple reason He created you! If I made a computer and I programmed him (i.e. Quran) but at the sametime I give the computer a free will and a conciousness i would be very upset id he didn’t listening to me. For the same reason parents get up set if their children didn’t listen.

Doesn’t this answer your response? Further it is the most eaten food on the world: Click here

No, it is not likely for the simple reason that God didn’t say these commandments are only validate at those times.

So why aren’t non-believers cutting their foreskin? Strange isn’t it? Only religious people (Judaism and Islam) cut their foreskin.

God accounts everyone Muslim or non-muslim. Wouldn’t it be great if it was otherwise? I could become a non-muslim and do everything that my desires want me to do and never be held accountable!

Does this not go against your argument that pork leads to ill health? For if pork is indeed bad, by the sheer size of its consumption, any ill health and detrimental effects should have surfaced by now, such as mad cow disease in the case of beef.

lordy jesus don’t ast nobody do nutin he wouldn’t do himsef

why lordy didn’t he crucify himself for ye of little faith?

surely goodness and mercy will foller him all the days

yessir dat ancient of daysman him play great lead guitar

you oughta hear dat electric blues boy


Practically, it’s already showing up. Only people don’t always point pork as the main cause of the down hill health problem of western people.

People who eat pork (much) will (normaly, exceptions are always present) get fat. Fat is unhealthy and can cause to death.

{And do not kill yourselves. Surely, Allaah is Most Merciful to you}, [Soorah an-Nisaa., Aayah 29].


Your blasphemous opening to this thread is inappropriate. You must have heard the expression, ‘sarcasm is the lowest form of wit.’ (I leave you to draw your own conclusions…)

Either that or you have an extremely naive understanding of the concept, ‘god!’

How does that impose some imperative to obey God?

And? These are only dangerous in improperly cooked/preserved meat. Which is what I said already. The reasons for not eating it are practical, not theological.

So? When the laws were instituted it was important. Now it’s part of the tradition. Doesn’t make it any less of a practicality.

Did you make this one up yourself?

So, you’re saying we should be rebellious against our Creator? We should treath Him like one of us? Remember only God can say we should obey Him. Not some prophet or messiah (i.e. messengers of God). So if you believe in God it’s very normal to do everything He says or said. Even if He asked you to kill yourself or be punished in the afterlife should be no problem at all because a real believer takes God word very seriously and put his trust in God. Surely someone like that has real faith, He lives for God and dies for God. My signature, verse, summarize this in one sentence.

So it’s very ignorant to say: Why should we listen to our Creater after all we have free will. Some countries who have church and state seperate (e.g. Turky) says they believe in God. Idiotic! What they are really saying is: “Listen, God, I know you created the universe and everything but stay out of our business!”

See how ignorant some countries are.

Isn’t faith practical? Shouldn’t it be practical for humankind so we can have a healthy and good life? The Quran, (original) Bible, (original) Torah are full of practical commandments and sometimes, yes, they have theological sides.

Yes, why?


I don’t see how (except very indirectly).

So what is your point?

I’m asking you a question: where does the imperative to obey God come from? You haven’t answered it, but forget it. I suppose believing that one was created is enough.