Why don’t demons actually exist?

Why don’t demons actually exist?

In sci-fi films we see creatures far more deadly than anything nature has actually manifest on this planet for real. But why? Why is nature balanced and hasn’t at many points created creatures which just eat anything and can do it effectively, such that nothing could withstand its attacks. I wonder this when watching almost any nature documentary, and am left wondering why there is good, and why humans exist et al.

Original sin; could it be that the creator or whatever pulled us and all things from the pool of every potential, pulled an amount of good and an amount of evil and wrapped it all up in single entities, such that we evidently get a mix and nothing which is purely good or purely evil.

Strange question then, you think life is bad, but why isn’t the world a lot worse than it is? We are here as humans discussing such philosophy, the ultimate example of evolution and the manifestation of creation. How the hell could that even happen! There has to be something moderating creation itself even if that’s a mechanistic thing and not a god.

This still means that original sin [nor any sin] is not our fault, but we still have to deal with our compositions being a blend of good and evil. Ergo sin is still sin and even though we are not guilty, we have to treat the world in recognition of sin.


Because in sci fi the only limitation is imagination whereas in nature it is reality

The original sin may be a lot of hooey. One battle is between thinking thoughts versus feeling emotions. It seems to me that people/souls here enjoy thinking more than feeling. Is thinking easier than feeling? Is thinking more foreign, more of a novelty during a physical existence? Since two of the three spiritual planes/realms I visited were made of emotions, that would make sense that Man’s soul would choose the difference of thinking experiences over feeling experiences. Perhaps there is not enough challenge in Heaven or Hell, so middle Earth was created.

Demons could be souls who choose to forget their identity or versely choose to embrace their identity on Earth. Hmmm?

Thinking is harder than feeling because it is not automatic and sometimes requires serious mental energy. Feeling is easier but also
on occasion worse because one has no choice in how one actually feels. That is or at least should be the opposite of how one thinks

I thought you did have that control over your emotions. Thinking only feels hard due to the slow processing speed of the brain. It often get’s overheated.

If feeling is easier then why do you try to avoid it?


I would have thought it harder. I have never experienced emotional realms, so I wonder if emotions are simply earthly and an aspect of being able to feel. Thinking isn’t the same and only humans can do it.

What does the op say to you about this world though, have you ever wondered why it isn’t worse? I know one usually complains about how bad it is, but I just thought its worth investigating why it isn’t worse.

It appears everything done that, so possibly yes. But we are still in a world without them.

Aren’t there documented demon possessions?

Amorphos wrote

Animals think and feel.

you’re right, animals do think. don’t know if they can think about other realms n stuff tho. I have seen a horse on magic mushrooms tho, so who knows. :stuck_out_tongue:

And did it amuse you so?

How did said horse acquire said shrooms?

What, creatures like human beings, you mean?

Well the world has got to be something and this is what it is. Even if it was worse you could still be asking why it’s not worse still. If you think it’s better than it should be then why not settle for that and be grateful?

Yes, I was out of my head though. …but I’d still find it funny, just the look on its face [hmm that may also have been the mushrooms].

It was stood in a field full of them, didn’t seam to care if it ate them or not.

Fair point, but I can imagine far worse things, like aliens with bigger brains, teeth, bodies, and acid blood of course. Oh and breathes fire and flies etc.

The world doesn’t have to be anything. I could indeed ask why its not worse if it were, but I’d be existing somehow all the same. I’ll be grateful if I still exist after death and am in a better world ~ that would be worth it then.

Yes but then these aliens could probably imagine something worse than themselves and so it goes on.

well there are limits, its just that there hasn’t been anything that would mean intelligence didn’t eventually happen. my point. its a circle no? I mean perhaps that potential drives existence, and our potential means everything that came before it had to ultimately lead up to that. otherwise we are led to something-from-nothing paradoxes ~ I mean without the potential of our existence we couldn’t exist.

I do not try to avoid it but have reached a point now where it is generally benign for I am
usually calm and relaxed and quite detached so have no reason to worry about how I feel

Have emotions lost their meaning to you since they are benign? Why detached? How are you different or better than a computer without emotions?

What separates me from a computer without emotions is that I actually
have some. Though nowadays focus more on developing my logical side

Demons would not necessarily need a physical body nor would angels. Energy beings/entities could exist. They could tweak ours and animal brains to cause an action or behavior. Ever watch an animal stare at nothing and watch it move its head as if following something? A cat or dog growl at nothing? What do they sense that we cannot? Recorded energy anomaly occurs from time to time.
If demons live on this planet and want to continue mayhem and hell, they would limit what they do. You try not to destroy your home or toys.

^^ yea cats chase imaginary insects which appear then disappear and the cats noticeably stop chasing them.

When we can observe brains working, measure and duplicate >all< of the information, there wont be any information outside of that. Conversely, even if physical info of a spiritual encounter only shows a mirage, that info is composed somehow. I don’t think they can tweak biology, because if an intelligence at least equal to our own could do that, then evolution would have happened quicker or they could have made us straight away. Neither of these suppositions actually occurred.
My conclusion; if existent, then energy/light beings [metaphoric names I assume] can observe and ‘inform’ [like a book, film or speech], but not physically change anything. If they can, they never have, and aren’t physically changing anything.

Surely a wise G/god/ess would ‘allow’ things to manifest naturally anyhow, so G/god/esse’s are more likely to be observers and perhaps judges with no earthly powers.