Why Fox News Is So Entertaining Sometimes...

Went browsing on YouTube and found something I thought was a cry at Jerry Springer. I laughed my ass off… Her smile is almost scary as it is fake; absolutely by far the greatest piece of entertainment Fox News has ever… EVER… produced.

What are your sins?

Ahh yes… America… land of the free; even the freedom to hate.
I’d love to see this bitch get burned at a stake…

More wonderful commentary on religion… Man I love Bill Hicks…

speechless :astonished:

Recipe: Take fundamentalist ANY religion and push it to its’ extreme and this is what you get. At least these dummies aren’t strapping on explosives and blowing themselves and everyone else to heaven… :unamused:

that would be the Phelps extremists who have the site godhatesfags.com

That christian extreme behaviour is a far cry from what other extremists are doing in the name of their god.

As tentative points out, they aren’t strapping explosives to themselves and blowing up “fags”.


They sending them to their deaths in Iraq. IE they’re supporting the war.

Granted… there’s only like a 100 or so of those cock-spasms… but still.

People like her almost make you question the wisdom of having a 1st Amendment.

it’s interesting how misinformed the last two posts are.

Gobbo, these extremists are against the war in Iraq. They want all of OUR soldiers to die.

Phaedrus. Without a first ammendment we wouldn’t be allowed to criticize such moronic speech.

The Christian extremists are against the war in Iraq, against the ‘non christians’?

Sure they want them to die, the gays ones. Not the straight God lovin ones.

Re-read and try again.

That’s why I said almost, scythekain. :unamused: It’s been said that my freedom to swing my fist ends at your nose; this gets perilously close to that point. I wonder if anarchy and decadence isn’t the natural course for free & democratic societies to run?

One other point- that’s not exactly accurate, either. They’re not merely against the war in Iraq. They want the entire nation to bow down and submit to the will of God. Or at least their notion of the will of God. Which means the same sort of religion supplanting secular law that we see in many Islamic states. They’re really the Christian counterparts to the Islamifascists in the mideast. They want a Theocracy in America based in their perverted take on Christianity.

“When they lied about me
I became confused.
When they feared me
I was shocked.
When they blamed me
I felt guilty.
When they used me
I felt raped.
When they hurt themselves in my name
I suffered.
When they tried to cut off their freedoms
I bled.
When they declared wars in my name
I died inside, millions of times over.”

I am the truth.

The difference between anarchy and freedom, is that anarchies freedoms wouldn’t stop when your fist had bashed in my face.

Even saying “almost” is going to far when it comes to the freedom of speech, and your freedom of swinging your fist isn’t even speech, that’s action. You can TALK about doing so all you want, and that’s another difference between anarchy and freedom. Anarchy loves action more than thinking.


yeah, let me know when they have more then 20 people.


  1. Let me know when they perform http://www.amnesty.org/ailib/intcam/femgen/fgm1.htm.

  2. Let me know when they kill women who have sex before marriage.

  3. Let me know when they arrest people of other faiths or of no faith.

  4. Let me know when they strap bombs to their chest to blow up people of other faiths or of no faith.

  5. Let me know when you understand the difference between the extremes.

yes, these guys are nuts, but it’s nowhere near the level of nuts in Islamofascism, and nowhere near the level of followers. Even the most hardline christians, do not back up the phelps cult.

No. They want ALL OF US TO DIE. Because we support homosexuality, and other “perversions.”

They are complete nutcases, and like I said before, freedom of speech allows the nutcases to present their case, but it also allows you to present a reasonable counter case. You have to use facts though.

So they have something in common with liberal monkies. They are against the war in Iraq… but they are also against america in general. They want America to be attacked more, because according to them… we deserve it.

Let’s face some facts about the war in Iraq, and Saddham:

  1. Saddham was a despotic dictator, who spent his spare time killing the Kurds.

  2. Saddham was a counter balance to the insane Islamofascist dictators in the surrounding countries… without a stable source of power in place in Iraq, Iran and Syria and all of those other Islamo crazy countries (the extremist ones) have free reign over the middle east.

  3. Because we’ve created a situation of instability, we unfortunately MUST stay the course. If we don’t they will only become more powerful. As much as it pains me to agree with Bush, he is right about staying the course and dealing with the problem in Iraq.

You’re missing the point- they don’t really so much oppose the war; they oppose everything. They won’t be happy until the US is a theocracy. Naturally they’re a bunch of cranks, and a small group. Believe me, though, when they start killing people you won’t need me to tell you- you’ll hear about it.

And I still don’t think you’re getting the “almost” part. Certainly the right of nutjobs to spew their vitriol is absolute and necessary. Popular speech needs no protection, unpopular speech does. My comment only alludes to the fact that some people make a pretty good case for being censored. :wink:

there are plenty christian killers in history and today.

KKK, crusades, a bunch of christian wars etc etc

and today we have the U.S. president saving the ragheads of the world and all bad secular folks.

this video was pretty fucked up.

if I see another video of this lady, I declare to the world that I will go permanently infertile. :blush: … … … … … … … … =D>

… who thinks this lady might be a closeted lesbian?

(I’m sorry, I just can’t resist.)

she probably has sex with female hobos and kills them

that sick fuck.

Wow. Have I seen here anything like a defense of these wackjobs? I think I have. This is not a religious issue, or even a Constitutional one. That is a good example of hiding behind pieces of paper. These people are scum, and should be eradicated.

scythekain - you must be joking. “At least”? Nuts is nuts. You can’t think of anyone better to defend? Really?

There is no absolute right to free speech in America. Let’s get that straight. There never was. That is not the problem. An absolute right to free speech is something that is desirable only to someone that hasn’t thought much about the issue. Anyone know the " ‘Fire’ in a crowded theater" example? It’s a classic. We should all know this one. Come on, people.

Five hundred feet from a funeral? Five hundred feet isn’t very much. How about five miles? Let’s get serious. It’s a fucking funeral.

No one thought much about Jonestown until they all drank the Kool-Aid. We’d think more about them if they gave the Kool-Aid to nonmembers. How do we know they wouldn’t?

So, sit back and enjoy your science, your psychology, your sociology. Enjoy your philosophy, your civil libertarianism, your enlightened constitutional pontifications. These people are no danger - they are good citizens because they exercise their freedom of speech. They are good people because they don’t blow people up. That’s right, right?

no, not all nuts are equal, like not all truths are equal. Yes the KKK hid behind the banner of christianity, and probably could even support their behaviour via the bible, but modern christians, do not behave in this way. The phelps are an exception to the rule, and even as an exception I’d rather deal with them waving signs around with bigoted statements than deal with an extreme muslim wearing a bomb strapped to his chest.

For example, lets say that you are in a room with two other people, one is an extreme muslim and one is one of the phelps brood.

Which would you trust with your life? Even if your homosexual, the phelps brood wouldn’t kill you, they’d just wave signs at you, telling you that you’re going to hell.

the muslim though, would kill you for being homosexual. The muslim would kill you for being an infidel.

Seriously, what do you not get about the graded level of difference?

And another thing, these people don’t like homosexuals and think they are going to hell… SO WHAT. That’s an opinion. If you don’t like it with your progressive attitude don’t listen to it, you can turn the channel when fox gives them air time, or choose not to visit their web sites.

Stop thinking out of your ass, and maybe you’ll wake up and smell the coffee about the dangers of religions that haven’t left the middle ages yet.

This is such a straw man argument. There is NOTHING similiar to yelling fire in a theater and waving around signs saying gays are going to hell.

There was NOTHING similiar between screaming fire, and printing the mohammed cartoons. You liberals love to talk about free speech, BUT only when the speech expresses ideas that you agree with.

it’s a bunch of stuffed shirt bullshit.

Did I say they are good people? I think they’re behavior is reprehensible and I’ve said that many times. But I’d much rather deal with that level of intolerance than with a muslim jihadist.

Equality is a joke. People are different and god dammit that’s a good thing. If you can’t tolerate hearing opinions you disagree with, tune them out.

Do you think these nuts are better?

indybay.org/newsitems/2006/0 … 293659.php

Do you think christians hate women?

Do you think christians as a rule are fascist?

Do you think the US government is anywhere NEAR a theocracy?

If you answer yes to any of these questions you have no concept of world politics, or christianity in general.

Great stuff eh?

The moron in the blue shirt can’t even spell fascism, so my guess is he doesn’t even understand it.

Probably the same morons think that socialism and communism are better choices than fascism.

Edit - addition:
These maroons want equality. Well guess what… they’re different. Not only are they different, but a mere 3% of the population is gay. Of that how many of them really want to get married?

We live in a democracy, which means majority rules. If the majority doesn’t want them to get married than that’s what they get.

Instead they whine like freaking babies, and try changing social norms to get rid of the differences between male and female.

Edit additional again:

The other side is whining as well, even though they don’t need to.