Why God is Inherently Wrong

An eternity in Hell. Is this justice?

Now, before I begin, let me just say that I’m talking about the Biblical God–the Christian God in particular. The God whose holy word is laid out in the Bible. And that Bible says that evil doers who have not redeemed themselves through Christ are damned to spend eternity in Hell.

Okay, so this is the sentence that God has deemed, in his infinite wisdom and love, to be justice–no matter how big or how little the sin, no matter how many, no matter how few.

The thing that’s inherently flawed about this form of retribution is not just how brutal and maniacal it sounds, but how it is just logically incoherent. In order for a sin to deserve eternal damnation, it must be infinitely evil. How can any sin that man performs be infinitely evil? Or, if you like, how can man perform an infinite number of sins?

I mean, some might say that there are varying degrees of torture and suffering that those who are damned will undergo–some will have it harsh, others will get it a bit more easy–but so long as it’s eternal, the degree of torture doesn’t make a difference. It will all be the same in the end. Adding up one million plus one million plus one million (ad infinitum) equals the same as adding up point one plus ploint one plus point one (ad infinitum).

So the simple fact of Hell’s eternity is, I think, enough to debunk God’s justice and love.

K: this is one of the many reasons why god doesn’t/shouldn’t exist…
he is called a father and as a father I do have some mild experience
in the matter and as a father looking at god’s actions and reactions,
he is a terrible father… Have ever looked at his actions from a parents
standpoint and realized how shitty he is as a father…
he claims to be about love, but man he is really all about
the punishment… now what kinda sick fuck father is all about the
punishment? seriously think about your childhood and how you were punished
then think about how god punishes and you think, holy crap, what an asshole…
Take his actions and compare them to any father you know and really,
eternal punishment unless you worship him for all eternity… really dad…
what the hell… like he is that suck fuck father who beats his child
to make him stronger and all he really doing is fucking up that child
to be a serial killer… and look, some human being in some degree…
are serial killers because they were abuse and beaten as children…
kinda like us… you say we aren’t abused by god… I point out the concept
of guilt… guilt is used as abuse, to control people… look at the concept of
hell, what a friendly place that is, you know where they torture people
because god disapproved of their choices… I for one think, any time you
torture people for any reason, you no longer have the high moral ground…
look at the number of deaths god directly or indirectly caused in the bible…
it numbers in the millions…not much of a father who orders the deaths
of millions and even order his children like Abraham to kill his son…
I have little use for a father who orders a child to be killed just to prove
a point and what about Job… god basically tortures him to win a bet with Satan…
no, I have no use for a father who is that abusive to his children…


Hello gib

Actually there is a logic here, even if I disagree where it leads. The logic is that neither hell nor heaven is equitable to the actions of people. Just as hell is not deserved, neither is heaven and for the same reason. The defining moment is not the life of the person but the momentous choice that they make regarding the meaning of Jesus death.

Well not quite. Unless you believe in predestination…

I’ve said this before on the boards…

Hell is the anger of the implication of your spirit…

Think of all these secret societies that are planning hundreds of years in advance and use forgiveness, and always will because they think they can always find a sap…

Not gonna happen

That would be a long hell, but not eternal

Hell is, and always was and will be Other People. God’s only mistake was creating other people. They make it hell.

I agree that since there is no everlasting sin, there can be no everlasting punishment. This is why Paul preaches universal salvation.

So what does that mean? What kind of choice are you talking about? And why would the “wrong” choice entail that one deserves an eternity of hell?

Predestination would imply that God has decided, before you even have the opportunity to prove your worth or to make moral choices in life, whether you’re destined for an eternity in Heaven or Hell. So yeah, I’ll agree that predestination debunks God’s justice and love… but why is that the only condition? Even if there weren’t any predestination, how could one be deserving of eternal damnation?

Meaning what?

Yes, this all hinges on eternal punishment. If the time served in Hell is finite, you don’t have the “flaw” the OP pivots on. It’s still pretty brutal in many cases, but one might still argue, with an extreme stretch, that maybe it is justice after all.

Gib, I’m sure you won’t believe me…

This whole world is collective imagination

To that regard, spirits have implications…

If there is anger from self or others because of the implications of your spirit, you will find yourself in hell

I have to try to manage this shit, because innocent men are sent to hell forever, and women can’t be eternally, or ever, punished for it…

I know it sounds like the twilight zone to you, but people are very political , and often not even knowing what they’re talking about…

So all of that shit has to be managed …

I once explained hell on these boards as…

“Imagine all the geniuses of horror writing, and multiply that by a trillion!”

Having been there myself, I’m extremely interested in mitigating it for others…

I’m surprised at how well adjusted you are for having gone through that.

Hello gib

The wrong choice entails undeserved punishment, the right choice undeserved bliss, so there is this sort of balance that makes it logical at least formally.
The choice of course is whether you accept Jesus as your personal savior. Don’t get me wrong-- I am not advocating Christianity and its prejudice but saying that there is a certain logic to it.

I don’t know since I am not God, but if I could write fiction I might say that the soul is indestructible. There is no end to it and so it’s future state after the Day of Judgment is eternal by the nature of souls themselves and not by decree that the punishment of reward should be eternal in kind. Or it might be, as I said before, that the Way of God is eternal-- the punishment is eternal just as the reward is eternal and because each is granted on one decision, neither is merited or deserved.

As for predestination, maybe what we should remember is that Mercy trumps Fate, that is that even the object shaped for destruction can receive mercy and forgiveness. How does that work? All within Himself. Technically, in predestination, one the One chooses for real.

Then point out the specific instance.

Well, there’s a certain balance to it, I suppose, but there is no logical case here that says God is just and loving after all.

If you’re talking about the Calvinist concept of predestination, the idea is that we’re all worthy of Hell (because of original sin). Some of us are predestined for Heaven because God has decided beforehand to show mercy. ← But it’s still all decided before any of us have a chance to prove our worth.


I had some quotes but I left them at home (I’m at work). Will post them later.

In the meantime, why don’t you tell me your position. Do you challenge the traditional understand that God sends wicked souls to an eternity of Hell?

Are you religious yourself?

Here you go James:

Matthew 25:46:
“Then they will go away to eternal punishment, but the righteous to eternal life.”

Daniel 12:2:
“Many of those who sleep in the dusty ground will awake – some to everlasting life, and others to shame and everlasting abhorrence.”

Revelation 14:11:
“14:11 And the smoke from their torture will go up forever and ever, and those who worship the beast and his image will have no rest day or night, along with anyone who receives the mark of his name.”


Do you believe that it is just for 2+2=4 for all people regardless of situation?

YES!!! A just God would allow 2+2 to equal 5… 8-[

But seriously, you seem to be suggesting that an eternity in Heaven or Hell is an inevitability–like one’s destiny in a deterministic universe–and God or the Bible is only warning us about the consequences of how we live our lives. Kind of like a parent might warn his children about the consequences of drugs.

This undermines God’s omnipotence, of course, but there are tons of variants on this theology. Undermining God’s omnibenevolence, as I’m doing in this thread, is another.

This is how i feel about God


A thing is either consistent or inconsistent. If inconsistent, allowing both the liar and the honest to receive the same favor, the lazy and the hard worker the same profit, then none can determine right from wrong, good from bad, need from waste. None could be guided fore there would be no compass. Even evolution couldn’t work.

Would casting Man into that gray world of blindness and confusion be loving of the species? Would it be a just thing to do?

But Trixie, aren’t you God?

An act is “loving” if it’s for the sake of another–if you think it somehow benefits the other. It is just if it matches what the other deserves.

It’s interesting that an act of love, though it may go well beyond what is just, what one deserves, isn’t typically considered immoral, but often the opposite.

God is a metaphor for women, Cold, Uncaring, and Irrational, Do as I say Not as I do, Their own holiness has the most value…sitting in the heavens above with maximum bliss, sending people to hell and not caring about anyone’s bliss but their own

Satan is a metaphor for Baphomet, the transsexual (transsexuals are a Spiritual Meme, that is why glamrockers wear makeup) Satan represents the Fetus as Female (Angel in heaven) And his transition to the male hellrealms, kicked out by the females in heaven, and his futile attempts to transition back into the heavens.

Satan is the accuser, and the Tree of Knowlege (Wise One). But automatically declared evil and a villian by the madgods, who do Do as I say Not as I do kind of morality.
Now Satan kind of is evil, because he got sick of pretending to be a hypocrit goodie-two shoes like the madgods, however not as evil as the gods because he didn’t actually create Hell (Earth or EarthHell), just enjoys when people suffer with him in it.

The logic here is paraphrased by Shakespeare best, To be or not to be ?’

The trans personal demands the being , and the intra-personal- the required self sacrificial instinct of preservation.

The simple logic in this is indisputable, and as the saying goes, it is in the simplest and not the most complex that truth abides.