Why is Six Scared of Seven? (An Analysis)

Because seven ate nine.

Oh my God!

I always thought five was rather suspect…

your first post here on ILP asked us to be gentle with you and so I will comply. Your thread here appears to be a parody of my ‘Why is one Happy? (An Analysis)’ thread - if so, I would ask the moderators to please direct it to the Mundane Babble forum where we hold jokes threads and many others as well. Jesblath, this is the philosophy forum, where we have philosophical inquiry, not parodies. Secondly, I was wondering whether you were making this thread simply as a joke, or because there was something you didn’t like about my thread. Either way, let me know.

Welcome to the forum, I look forward to reading your posts.

What’s your take?

If man is 5 and the devil is 6, then GOD is 7…

-Pixies, Doolittle, Monkey gone to heaven.

haha my little brother tells that joke only like 5 times a day
and it’s still funny!