Why Libertarianism is a terrible idea

This article talks about what would happen if cable were to go onto an a la carte model that is so often supported for things like health care and all that from those with more libertarian leanings. I was wondering what people think of the article and its implications for individual choice and how/where it is manifested.

You mean that article demonstrates something abiut libertarianism and health care?

I’ll read it again.

Must have missed something.

“If I hold up one corner and a student cannot come back to me with the other three, I do not go on with the lesson.” – Confucius

The entire point of the article is that the sum is far greater than the sum of its parts and that the system (here, cable but it can be easily extrapolated to many others) works far better when there is a universal pay-in and then choice comes after. The system is more efficiently able to support itself that way. There is always a place for buyer-support (advertisements on TV, some fees at hospitals that will always be with us and/or big pharma profiteering that is already present) but the idea is to allow for the most efficient system that allows for a certain degree of buyer-support within it to capitalize on what free-market forces are beneficial.

Libertarians are for socialized health care?

What is a Libertarian?

Libertarianism is the philosophy that the free-market is always the answer to every economic question and an exclusive emphasis on “freedom to” with no regard for “freedom from” with regard to individual action.

no, liberitarians are very conscious of freedom from… freedom from tyranical laws against personal liberty.


Well let me first say I don’t trust a damn thing Kevin Martin has to say. The FCC has been a political tool as long as I’ve followed it, which has been about ten years now. They are so bad it’s often obvious to the novice- this article mentions Martins defeat.

But as to cable and pay for demand, the crux of it is here “and under its current business model, cable does a remarkable job of satisfying those interests”

I’ll add that within that model is not a free market. Cable territory is an exclusive franchise where only one company services it’s designated area.

What the FCC needs to first do is address that busines model before it changes the landscape.

However like so much else with them, this is probably an attempt from the FCC to favor one business over another. IPTV is on it’s way.

Okay, Xunzian. I will admit that I am not up on my Libertariansim. And a strict a la carte health care system seems quite stupid. I wasn’t aware that Libertarians promoted such a system.

But to provide every citizen in the US with every conceivable health care service would be madness, indeed. No one really has that now - all care plans exclude something.

That being said, I would not mourn the demise of the Lifetime Channel.

Then again, I don’t own a television.

I think the best system would be to provide some basic health care for everyone. Whatever “basic” means. And to accept that sometimes people die.

Good, good. We agree that some basic healthcare needs to be provided for all. That is quite different from the radically privatized notion that most libertarians I’ve seen advocate. I do agree no system can be perfect, but the present system in America suffers from many of the problems that the article predicts an a la carte system would – people overpay for poor service.

I agree only if the needs are provided by each individual in question.
Sort of like, when I need to wipe my arse, I fulfill that need by myself. I do not force anybody else to wipe my arse on my behalf.

Ahhh, but then you get into precisely the sort of problem that the article described.

Oh yeah - the current system is about the most inefficient that I can think of. Not the worst, but given the resources devoted to it, the most inefficient. There is no reason why health care cannot be treated like a public utility.

Like roads - most are public, some are private. You can generally get from point A to point B without an out-of-pocket, but you might prefer to take the toll road (public toll roads being technically “private” for some purposes).

The fact is, if you are resourceful enough (which not everyone is) you will be able to get adequate health care, no matter your income. But this is monumentally inefficient in practise.

What is the problem???

Cable television service is controlled by the government. The government picks and chooses who is allowed to provide service. That is not a free market.
The post up above by Diolectic has clarified this already.

What about freedom from tyrannical law of capital and the economic warlords that confiscate humanities and all of the earths organisms property from an imaginary ideal? :smiley:

Survival trumps all I’m afraid and the propertarian libertarian capitalists are going to be in for a nasty backlash when china and india start having extremely serious problems, after it has "Westified’ them.

I do agree no system can be perfect, but the present system in America suffers from many of the problems that the article predicts an a la carte system would – people overpay for poor service.

And this is such because Cable isn’t a free market. If the Cable co had competitive forces pay for demand would not only reign, the costs of cable television service would drop significantly.

Pay for demand will raise prices bcause in this case the company can pass the costs along since it owns the distribution method.

In Healthcare this would be akin to having only one hospital in town such that ALL doctors must use only this one hospital. That hospital will pass on any transitory costs to the Doc’s bcause it can.

The problem is the gross inefficiency and paucity of options in widely-used systems relying on individualized payments.

Imp wrote: "no, libertarians are very conscious of freedom from… freedom from tyrannical laws against personal liberty. "

Yes, but in being so they are most likely to be the ones who tread on other people’s liberties, like those of minorities and the disenfranchised. Libertarians don’t understand about ‘balance’ and that a successful society is a balance of give and takes.

If you do not like the choices of television service, do not buy it and petition the government to permit you to offer your own. It is the government who is controlling the industry.

Come to think of it, I am pissed off by the paucity of options in ass-wiping services that are available to me.

Sammy - should everyone who dislikes the current arrangements regarding television programming invest millions of dollars to create their own service? Can everyone do this?

If I can’t find a car I like, should I start my own automobile manufacturing company?

Are you serious?