Why modern conservatives are wrong - Order of action

There is no such thing as “conservatism” currently, or at the very least, conservatism now isn’t about conserving the same things it was conserving a century or two before. Conservatism is, essentially, about conserving the status quo of the society and resisting change. This is a good thing if you already have the kind of society you want in place. It is a bad thing if you have a degenerate, self-destructive society in place because then you don’t need to conserve the status quo, you need to CHANGE it and unfuck the situation.

All modern conservatism is necessarily CUCKSERVATISM. The same way cuckolds preserve the genetic offspring of an other, modern cuckservatives preserve the memetic offspring of an other, more precisely, the political ideals of the liberals of the early 21st, 20th, and 19th century.

West currently DOESN’T DESERVE protection. Before focusing on real or possible external threats (Muslims, Chinese f.e.) we must deal with internal threats and clean up our countries from the inside - Jews, corrupt elites, and degenerates all need to be executed, and women need to be put back in their place.

Focusing on external threats and protecting the society as it is (the status quo) would mean cucking for (protecting) Jews, corrupt elites, and degenerates.

This is why we must set straight the order of action:

Internal threats first:

  1. Deal with Jews
  2. Deal with corrupt elites doing the Jews’ bidding
  3. Deal with degenerate masses.
  4. Establish white Shariah (codeword for white nationalist based militaristic patriarchy), putting women in their place, raising birthrates to above 2.0 etc.

THEN, once we’ve cleaned our society and made it worth protecting, we can speak of dealing with external threats. No aware, self-respecting, masculine man would allow himself to be used by his enemies to defend a degenerate system.

So who the fuck gives a shit if some Muslim shoots up a gay bar, or if he rapes/kills some feminist whore. Are you going to risk your life protecting faggots and whores who are fucking up your society? Are you completely fucking retarded? WE should be the ones executing fags and killing or subduing feminist whores, NOT protecting their degeneracy, holy fucking shit. I can’t believe this actually has to be pointed out.

Enough good men have already died in WW2 (I’m speaking of the Axis side), but at least they died FIGHTING degeneracy, NOT PROTECTING IT. The last thing we need is more strong, masculine, healthy men going off to wars and dying so that faggots aren’t thrown off the rooftops, so that women can continue being useless, “liberated” whores, and so that the elites can continue to sell out our countries to Jews in safety.

Most … if not all … great civilizations implode … from an explosion of rot/decay within.

See…I mean…its like…nevermind.

not an argument

That’s what I was thinking.

not an argument

So your “argument” is that multiculturalism is the issue that’s plaguing the world and that therefore we should exterminate people from other cultures, because of some value judgement that ours is best?

Is that an argument? Are you sure there isn’t a better solution?

It just sounds kind of lazy. I mean, if you’re racist, that’s fine. But a bit more tact might help others to agree with you about some policy changes. Plus, you’ve got to deal with the white guys who are greedy like Jews, and the white guys who blow shit up and shoot people like the Muslims. I mean, when you talk about groups, you automatically lose some credibility when it comes to practical solutions to real world problems. Its that damned problem of the one over many. Fucking philosophy man. Those problems presented in a good understanding of the discipline are just too real to ignore. Can’t just brush past them with a few stipulations either. These distinctions hold, and have, for fucking forever, for good reasons, and they aren’t political ones.