why not work?

so ok no work but… can be fixed… ?

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Why not work? Because being broken is so much easier.

Remember what happened to Humpty Dumpty. At least if you are an egg like himself, you could be good for someone - along with some bacon and toast. Feel the harmony?

I was being sarcastic. All those who don’t want to work, don’t want to fix themselves, don’t want to even try because it’s so much easier being broken and not having to do a damn thing.

I feel the closest thing we have to harmony is disharmony and that IS what gives us the greatest harmony and peace in this reality, until the next schism hits where we’re back to fighting, which is a weird thing because it’s not as if we ever stopped, but the pace changes.

Either way, you’re not the first one to come knocking, it’s just your turn to take a crack at me. Should have learned more from those who came before.

I figured that. It is irony that I don’t always “get”.

Oh, you didn’t necessarily mean working for pay? You maybe just meant staying stagnant.
But you’re wrong in a way. It really isn’t much easier being broken – at least not in the long run it isn’t. It can be much more painful and exhausting.

Well, that is a part of your psychology. I think I kind of understand where you’re coming from with the above but I may be wrong. Perhaps what suits us is what we’re used to. Perhaps you also mean that if you feel that you are remaining stagnant and not growing, you are discontent with yourself.

How can you anticipate what that even means? You’re kind of living in the past there instead of the present moment. You’re judging by memory instead of the Now. But we all do this. Maybe it’s a wish to stay there in the past.

Maybe - maybe not. But what does it matter. We go on learning, don’t we? Anyway, didn’t you say that harmony is your disharmony? THIS is your reality. Take a bite out of it. lol

I figured you figured that. This is going through the motion of what we already thought out and saw.

In one sense, I meant ‘broke’, which in a way that is subtle but also telling in how I said it, not broke at all and what it does is very valuable in terms of learning on quite a few matters from psychology to other methods of work and payment. We’ve now aired that it isn’t easier, the grass isn’t greener however you look at it and we can now relate with something many previously thought couldn’t be related to. As for it being much more painful and exhausting, they’re not wrong, but every path and walk of life feels that same way and it all evens out into a balance over time.

More of not challenge enough. Set in your ways and refusing to change is like a child holding its breath in a way, without them, often, knowing fully what they’re doing or why. They’re waiting for people to take the time and pay attention to them. Sure, we could do it on our own; couldn’t we?, but we’ll never know for sure; but why, when we ache to not be alone as much as we wish to be alone at times? We will work on retarding ourselves in so many ways and still grow underneath it all; but why would we go all the way if we couldn’t go with others? We won’t be all that we should be until others are what they should be? And, everyone was just waiting for someone else to throw the first punch while they pretended to be fighting and were slap-boxing.

It’s easy. I know that what comes ahead of me is going to be intense enough to make me not want to go through it. I can know the intensity it will be and, ahead of time, make enough of an informed choice to willingly face it again even if later on it could be said that I was taken advantage of by ‘them’ not being able to fully inform me of the severity of it. I live in the moment while looking to the past at times, some times interacting with it, because on a certain level both the past and the future are the present to those that live in it and today is always today no matter if it’s tomorrow or yesterday. You’re feeling out my responses because I am nothing like anything you’ve encountered and the change in the world has been staggering in the past 3 years. And, the past three years is just a measure and a lesson in what’s been going on throughout time and a space and a measure, to some extent in mixture and blend of what’s to come in our future and yet we are still bound to the moment by lack of details because the details don’t matter all that much to those of us who look to throw down, unhindered, in a given moment. Because then we might pull something new out of our asses that throw the predictions off.

I’ve already been feasting at the same time as being feasted on. That IS the give and take of symbiotes, isn’t it? I do know my reality, through and through; yet there is still a lot to be learned consciously that HAS been learned at other points in time and space and ‘we’ purposefully work to keep it that way to some extent to make each piece valuable in one way or the other. One giant puzzle, maze, labyrinth. A massive game that isn’t a game at the same time and played out in full to the tune and beat of eternal existence. At the same time as being the teacher, leading the class; I make sure to learn from my students, too. That is one of the joys of ditching ego and pride.

Why I don’t work? Because I am a bubbling aura of hate and misery and eventually I snap at my coworkers, and eventually I get fired.

Or, the other 50% of the time I try to be nothing but nice to them, and they are nothing but biased bigots and lie and conspire on me behind my back.