Why retards cannot be debated

Everything you give to a retard they will retardify as best they can. This is their method of “arguing”. To make everything as stupid as possible.

If you give them 5 points instead of just 3, they will latch onto the extra that are easiest for them to retardify. They will then ignore everything else you said. You gave them more opportunities. The entire argument has shifted and now you are trying to get them to realize the many fallacies they are applying, trying to just get the discussion back to normal. But you can’t, because they are trolling. They may not be trolling you directly, they are trolling themselves. Their own mind is their greatest enemy.

All you can do, when discussing with a retard, is trim down your argument to the absolute bare minimum of points with these necessary points as simply presented as possible. The retard will still try to retardify it, but his efforts will be shallow and weak. You must go into the situation assuming his absolute and complete dishonesty and inauthenticity. In fact, since this is the case, why even bother putting yourself in that situation? I came to that realization myself about 3 years ago and cut off most people I know online and IRL from anything like serious or meaningful discussion or debate. I just come here from time to time to blow off steam, mostly when I am bored in the morning because Omegle no longer exists.

Realizing the method of retards gives you pause to reflect on the behavior of some ILP members, doesn’t it. But some of the better trolls can manage to link their retardification method to existing ideological structures, thus managing to give the appearance they are doing something other than retardifying things.

I suppose it’s up to each of us to find that limit in ourselves, beyond which we will no longer… feed the trolls. Can truth be sought, as well as other more personal goals, while feeding them? Certainly. But it ends up soon becoming a game of diminishing returns. In any case, to each his own.


Even joking with or acknowledging trolls, feeds their extroverted need for constant visibility and unjustifiable relevance. The lack of embarrassment on their part, is shocking.


When it comes to education, I am what you, Humanize, would describe as a retard. No denial. I get confirmation when I happen to watch BBC2 TV between 19.30 and 21.00 on a Monday evening. Mastermind. Only Connect. University Challenge.

Being a retard has not stopped me from observing that accusations of trolling have been thrown around willy-nilly. Everyone is a troll to someone!

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They eventually got ‘a room’ together. They billed and they cooed. They discussed their sexual mores. I’m great. You’re great. We’re great. They continued in a similar fashion for post after post. It’s possible they might still be in ‘the room’ had you not burst in, for no other reason than to make what some might consider to be a banal statement. :-k

For some reason, MagsJ followed you into ‘the room’ and decided to involve herself; this, for no purpose other than to criticize the conduct of one of the lovers. Prior to leaving the room, MagsJ had the brass neck to turn and say: “Don’t involve me, in your imaginary imaginings.” :astonished:

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It seems to me that accusations of trollery are designed to give the accuser a false sense of superiority. Describing another as a retard serves a similar purpose. Or perhaps we should just put it down to a general lack of self-awareness. Or perhaps, more harshly, we should put it down to hypocrisy. We have all done it!

Unfortunately, this retarded hypocrite cannot be debated. :laughing:

=D> =D> =D> =D> =D> =D> =D> =D> =D> =D> =D> =D> =D>

K: Derely, you have done an excellent job breaking down this thread…


Dear… dear… derley,

You should read the entire thread/exchange, before you pass [wrong] judgement… look at you, getting yourself all involved in something you misread/misunderstood/got wrong.

It seems that you have the brass neck, that needs to be wound in.

The guy turns any exchange into an excuse to troll… especially the misogynistic/sexual kind, so if you are unaware of that or think that that is acceptable, that is not my problem.

…it was amateur, at best!

Funny how I was supposed to meet you and Derley in London, one night, and ever since I cancelled that ¿night? I was thereafter immediately shunned by you… coz I don’t go around meeting-up with strangers in the dark of night, and a grown man wouldn’t act like that.

You are, MrR…

I have the accusers spirit in me.

We could make this a big long thread about how certain posters are trolls and can’t take rejection.

I never wanted to exist and I’m fine being lonely.

The projection of people is astounding.

If someone does something as great as I did, they call me a megalomaniac.

My 5 protections that I use in cosmic court are to protect you from ME!!!

I can’t always control my powers.


I’ve said my piece… so I’m gone! Bye…

My justice system also uses licenses instead or torment.

It’s also to protect you from me.

When I got the spirit of the accuser, I had to work really hard to protect you from it.

You’re trying to goad me. You would never win a debate against me Mag.

I know your trick. You’re trying to get me to reach half way around the earth to send you to the deepest pits of hell to prove I’m an awful person to life.

It’s not going to work.

Unfortunately. You are an awful person. You’ve been trolling these boards since day 1.

I work really hard to get you out mag.

And so far I’ve succeeded. You’re one of the cruelest people I’ve ever seen.

I already know everything you’re going to type before you type it.

Just enjoy your life. You do not want to be judged as a competent woman.

What if instead of complaining about how others are retards, we demonstrate what we wish to see from them? Do you think a contribution is “average”? Is how you state that the sort of excellence you want to see? Or are you just trash talking and everything is fine in your book? Unless you just like to trash talk, you have to be very clear, if you want to get a result other than confusion or more of the same.

I’m not trash talking you. I’m trash talking higher beings who are speaking through you. Mag included.

You’re just humans.

They deserve to be put in their place.

“They” challenge you to an in-person, out-of-the-other’s-body trash-talking battle.

Don’t do it, Ec.

Who is “they” you might …wonder.

More like, “What just happened?”

stfu…. stop replying, dammit… i warned you waaaay in advance….

f for phantastic


We’re all immortal. The question is how you use it.

I tried to explain earlier that it’s like the stock market.

Your protection either goes up or down.

This is where intelligence comes into play.

I don’t control people.

That makes me very scary.

h for very

The only reason bad things happen is because of the mechanism. Men acting out to get sex and the only thing women accept for sex is men acting out.

The women are to blame and the men who act out are to blame.

But they have no sentience.

I have to pretend that they have sentience to get by.

The mechanism is universal law.

So, I need to create my own self sustaining infinite universe with no sentient beings besides me.

When you know what I know, you know every being figures out what I know. Universes with more than one actual person never work.

Everyone will figure this out eventually.

We’re just super, super slow learners.

Until everything blows up because of a few people who thought we should learn faster.

We should teach them by example, Ec. Let’s be poster children for this lesson. Prove ‘em all wrong: EVEN IF you golden rule your way out of hell, you will STILL be in hell, and heaven is impossible on earth.

They must learn before it’s too late.

We’ll take the best data.

For research purposes.In the name of science.

F*** peer review. We have no peers.

I’m seriously thinking about not teaching beings anymore because it hurts them too much.

Like I stated before…. Existence can barely contain me. Anytime someone is hurt, I’m hurt.

I need to leave. I already thought about leaving a philosophic zombie copy of myself when I leave because it will hurt their feelings when I leave.

My philosophic zombie will announce itself as a philosophic zombie so there’s no confusion.

I’m still here.

I’m trying to leave. We’re all in cages. Every being that exists. No truer sentence has ever been spoken.

We’re all in cages.

I’m going to shatter the ceiling of all existence to break us out.

Aw shucks :blush: It was amateur, at best!