Wilders' 2nd most popular party blacklisted by other "PC" pa

"I allowed Morse and his team to follow me around for a few months. The documentary shows how, due to Islamic death threats, I have to live under 24/7 police protection, am being driven around in armoured cars, am obliged to wear a bulletproof vest whenever I have to speak in public, etc.

Some live in almost similar situations, such as Danish cartoonist Kurt Westergaard and his Swedish colleague Lars Vilks, British author Salman Rushie, Danish historian Lars Hedegaard, and others. In that sense, this documentary is also a tribute to them. What we all have in common is that we are on Islam’s death list. But what always strikes me is that I am the only elected politician on the list.

…Many politicians do not tell the truth about Islam. Some find it much easier to parrot the politically-correct dogmas of the left. Others are afraid of having to live like me and Westergaard, Vilks, Rushdie, Hedegaard and others.

But I do not consider that a valid excuse. No-one is forced to be a politician, but if you do choose to do so, allowing yourself to be silenced by the threat of violence, means that you allow the violent side to win. And that is something no democratic politician should ever do.

…Sooner or later, even those politicians who still prefer to look away from the problems will be forced to face them. Meanwhile, however, we are losing precious time. And the present governing elite is entirely to blame for that.

The more Islam it allows into our country, the less free we will become.

In my country, the Netherlands, we are currently in the process of forming a government coalition. Although my party, the Party for Freedom (PVV), has become the second largest party in parliament, the Liberal Party (VVD) of the outgoing Prime Minister Mark Rutte, which managed to remain the largest party despite suffering heavy losses in the 15 March 2017 elections, refuses to form a government with the PVV.

So does the third party, the Christian-Democrats (CDA) of Sybrand Buma. This has resulted in political gridlock, making it virtually impossible to form a majority government.

Earlier this week, both Mark Rutte and Sybrand Buma wrote a letter explaining why they refuse to cooperate with the PVV. They do so, they write, because they consider the PVV to be “radical.” It is not the PVV, however, which is radical; it is Islam.

Let us stop the cowardice. Let us reject political correctness. As General Patton said: “The coward is the one who lets his fear overcome his sense of duty.” I will keep doing my duty. Probably again as leader of the opposition. And I will keep speaking out, whatever the price may be. I will fight the Islamization of my country and defend its freedom. Without compromise and with determination, conviction and strength. Always." --Wilders

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These are heroic words if I’ve ever heard any.

Islam per se in part is very malignant and evil.
Wilder is doing a very good job [risking his life] in highlighting the evil of Islam as an ideology that is in some way worst than the Main Kempf.
Another problem is Wilder is handicapped by his lack of knowledge of Islam. In the general whatever knowledge of Islam available to the non-Muslims at present is insufficient [not detailed] to deal with the problem.

The fact that Wilder needed protection 24/7 is a glaring clue there is something wrong with Islam [in part]. Yet the Muslim apologists still cannot see that big elephant in the room.

The unfortunate thing is Wilder’s message of the evil of Islam is cleverly subsumed by the Muslims and the Regressive Left into his Right Wing politics. Then we have this ‘the enemy of my enemy is my enemy’ coming into play.

I believe the effective option to highlight the evil ideology within Islam is to deal with it on a non-political basis [politics tend to be too partisan]. Rather it should highlighted as a moral issue by all of humanity with politics and other sectors in the background.