Will FactCheck change politics?

I always despised negative campaign ads. I never really had the resources to check and see if what they were saying is true, but I’ve always held in high esteem the old, cliche advice: If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.

Now, however, there are sites like FactCheck and Politifact that hold such negative ads to the litmus test. I was somewhat shocked to learn just how much both campaigns misconstrue, misinterpret, twist, distort, and outright lie about where the other campaign stands on the issues.

It’s clear that most of the people who vote don’t use the internet to try to get to the bottom of these claims. Instead, they rely on television ads and news networks to form an opinion about the issues, and where each candidate stands (i.e. Imp, who obviously regurgitates the information without taking any effort to decide whether or not what he’s spewing is true).

But at some point, I’d imagine, the tides will turn, and people will rely on the internet for their news. Heck, they might even start getting their information primarily from sites such as FactCheck and PolitiFact. So my question is, if this time comes, will politics change? Will campaigns be forced to start being honest about their positions, and their opponents positions?

anybody can create a site with a name like “truthinpolitics” and say that the lies the democrats spew are true and the facts that the republicans demonstrate are false…

caveat emptor…

who wants to take your freedom? who wants to take your money? ever get a job from a bum? soak the rich…



Reality does have a well known liberal bias . . .

“Fair and Balanced,” Fox News has a strong conservative bias, which is why I like them.

MSNBC has a strong liberal bias, which is why I like them.

CNN is the closest thing I have found to being neutral, in my opinion, which is why I ilke them.

I prefer watching all three and draeing my own conclusion. It is kind of like MSNBC and FOX having a debate with one another with CNN as the judge, and then me deciding whether or not I agree with the judge’s take.

](*,) #-o

It’s almost as bad as MSNBC.

Far and away the most unbiased major news source is the Wall Street Journal. Bias btw is 95% when a favored position/figure is given preferential treatment via strategic omissions or submissions.

That’s an excellent point. I was mostly referencing TV outlets.

In terms of unbiased newspapers, I have to agree.