Will & Love

Will is the force of creation and Love the force that relates (unites) the manifested.

Will & Love are complementary and can be considered the strong force of Consciousness.

The strong force expresses as harmony, beauty & joy – the lack of it, as discontinuity, sadness and filth.

There is lots of talk about free will – usually motivated by the hope to get wishes fulfilled – but where there is Will there is neither wish nor hope.

Will cannot be willed, as there are no two Wills
Will has no cause, nor can it be deduced from effects – Will is cause and effect.

Where Will is divided, weaknesses arise.

Will is absolute – unless subjected to moral & purpose, or otherwise fixed in time/space.

Seeking the origins of Will and the construction plans of creation is seeking to avoid self-responsibility.

Every man/woman is to exercise his/her Will.

Everyone is (or should be) his own creator and has thus infinite self-design possibilities – each of them having, when motivated by the Will & Love to realize oneself, the potential to bring about a self-image wherein all creations complement each other.

Interesting post … I particularly like … [b]“Where Will is divided, weaknesses arise.”[/b]

Seems to reinforce my feeling that the lives of people who sit on the fence are most difficult.

The OT prophet Elijah expressed it like this … paraphrasing … how long will you people limp along with two opinions?


The strong force of ConsciousNess (i.e. Will & Love) expresses in the lust of existence and in the joy of its performance.

James (NT) begins his letter by noting that a double minded person will be unstable in all his ways. (James 1:8,KJV)

These ideas have been around in all ages - yet there are times when reminding them might be helpful.