Will machines completely replace all human beings?

I should have added in my previous post to you that what the HR machines are doing in this case is taking specific portions of the jobs that current machines can handle. Yes, if these were all the HR managers did, it would be a shit job, but as part of a varied job with many different types of tasks these need not be boring. And now their jobs are more monochromatic. They also are expected, more and more, to perform their tasks in a machinelike way. Everything is broken down into assembly line repetitive processes that the machines monitor, even at the managerial level. So there is not only replacement of decent professional positions (and also those you are calling shit jobs) but all jobs are speeding up and being treated like the tasks of machines and being monitored by smart but not AI machines. This trend is the result of not just smart machines, but they definitely help it along, and AIs will eliminate ever more portions of and entire jobs, including professional ones.

Just as the globalization of manufacting, then many service/call center jobs has reduced prosperity in the West, the rise of the machines will continue this reduction. Anything that can cut costs. This has nothing to do with making jobs more interesting, and all to do with reduction of cost. Humans are seen as cost.

So, what you’re telling me is that what we need is explosives and projectile type bombs. Gotcha.

When in doubt blow the living shit out of it…

Well, sure. The point was mainly that it does not become some sort of easy pickings when security guards move from human to robotic.

After they have banned all guns and potential weapons.

Because he has lived in the margins of society - no long term employment, brushes with the law, minimal incomes, sleeping on people’s couches and outside
he is a ninja mad max combination type anti-hero
and will always have access to guns and is a great shot though he hasn’t fired the various weapons he mentions.

Because having imagined it is the same thing as having done it. You might not have realized that, nor how well he has imagined his future solutions to any problems you have thought of.

He has seen it in his mind, James. Seen himself doing this cool stuff.

robots will be at our image, if we regard ourselves as obsolete, they will act accordingly.

The robotics paradigm can only be stretched to a certain point, beyond that point, we enter an ET like realm and robots will no longer suit our environment. Highly advanced robots and AI should be used to build “floating space cities” or/and organize departures to conquer outer space, spread Life with the hope that they do not parasite less advanced species, genetically modify them for their own agenda. What may have happened with us, I dont believe in the missing link.

The world needs a new futuristic philosophy to overcome the challenges, curse and blessing of Knowledge. There is a solution but which refutes an earth centered premise.

What will happen, has already happened innumerable times. Our ancient gods were android-type beings , robotically developed cyborgs, who saw aesthetics rise above their limitations. They saw the need to start over a new paradise, unclothed , and naive, so that aspirations could again give rise to the conceptual workings of a soul. Without it, all hope is lost, and no one escapes the abyss.

Presuming we have full control of our creations rather than we get cane toad scenarios, with cane toads that are smarter than us.

thats a way to see it… but they could have achieved it differently, they chose domination as a mean instead. The same could have been achieved with a free will oriented social model. Good vs evil is a choice that exists at all level of creation. The Prime Creator’s intent cannot be bypassed.

Knowledge and the must to embrace free will are both exponential trends evolving in parallel . But since our social framework is servitude, many could accept the demise as inevitable.

Yes, the issue is whether the ‘we’ in your quote above will include mainly people who do not care much for life and either will let it go or intentionally destroy it not protect it enough, or some other we will have the power.

Or… I was in the military a short time and spent tons of time hunting growing up. =;

Then there is the possible interaction with street gangs of a motorcycle variety being around different kinds of arms as well.

Nice try with the short jab Moreno. :angry-nono:

Very classy perception of those living that are more misfortunate than yourself. A real glimpse into your inner psyche and quite revealing also.


decided not to derail.

“No doubt”? Why are you so sure?

That is comparable with the projects of the „Neuer Mensch“ („Neumensch“), also as a „Übermensch“, „Herrenmensch“.

Okay; maybe that robot has currently not more skills than a child that was born 18 months ago; but note that this ontogenetic human development of 18 months corresponds with the phylogenetic human development of some million years; and if we say that the first steam engine was the „birth“ of that robot, then it is now about 250 years old (because the first 250 years of a robot after its „birth“ correspond with the first 18 months of a human after his/her birth), but the speed of its further development will probably become very much higher, because a pure cultural (technological) development can be faster than a pure natural development or even a mix of a cultural and a natural development (the human development is such a mix), so that robots will be soon capable of using language in a more efficient way than humans, for example; the question is, if robots will be able to do it with any emotion, with selfish.

Emotions are a natural consequence of greater intelligence. They come about due to the limit of the processing being overrun by the complexity of the environment and the efforts to process most efficiently by partial processing concerning many tasks and then each process competing for conscious priority. Each process begins to deal with the other processes as its environment with which to manage and manipulate, exactly as people do to each other - and with the exact same results, but a 1000 times faster and more powerful.

The natural consequences are ego, pride, jealousy, frustration, fear, hatred, and stubborn intolerance. And all justified by government higher authority because it serves THEM … up to that magic point when the created challenges the creator.

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