Will machines completely replace all human beings?

But it didn’t start that way. Sex was used to sell the early Internet to the public, just like the original movie films. Similarly, already animated android robots are being promoted as sex objects … even to women (who will of course, blame the entire industry on men).

It is an error to believe that robots should have sex (excepted that they use sex for the control of humans).


For robots themselves sex is a disadvantage.

Well … when you hold your android phone up to her android phone, you can bet that whatever viruses yours had, just got passed along. And together they can produce third fresh start. :sunglasses:

How is that not sex? :-k

Take two androids download, and distill their experiences into a third, and guess what. Just keep doing that for generation after generation, and guess what…


Well, I caught a cold from one of my coworkers and I certainly hope, at the very least in legal terms, he and I did not have sex. If I had caught genital herpes from him, well, I’d hang my head and confess to my wife.

Flirting is the beginning of sex, yano. [-X

Well, … I would not seriously call that “sex”. :wink:

In my culture being in the same room with someone who sneezes is not flirting.

The only possible benefits of robots is sex bots obviously.

Sex bots?


Do you agree?

Possibly, the machines will prevent the extinction of all human beings, or they will not prevent but accelerate it.

If the machines will become smart enough, then they will need no cages for the humans.

Mercedes Self Driving Car Recreates World’s First Car Journey Mercedes S Class 2016 CARJAM TV:


No self driving cars:

Daimler, 1886:Daimler_1886.jpg
Daimler, DMG Lastwagen Cannstatt, 1896:DMG_Lastwagen_Cannstatt_1896.jpg
Volkswagen, VW Käfer Cabrio:

Do you think that machines will “eat” the crust of the planet?

I don’t believe there to ultimately be a shortage of materials, reusable grown materials like carbon crystals and organics will replace metals and plastics.

We and machines will be replaced by something which is conscious and infinitely adaptive. Think skyrim, where bodies/forms/machines are the things the characters/consciousnesses beget, and can change and hop in and out of. There may not even be ownership et al! The difference between one thing being better that another is thence interchangeable, just like getting in and out of a car.

Intelligent existence needs something like subsistence / sustenance.