Will man finally learn?

will man finally learn to live like a true earthan?

  • Yes
  • No
  • He is alreay earthan
  • god will reveal in due time
  • Probably not
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Case in point here is this dog.

Probably not.

I don’t think the dog was saying “let him eat first.” I think he was saying “be cool.”

Labs are one of the more intelligent breeds often sharing food or letting others eat first. I’ve also witnessed that behavior in cats as a stray anomaly of character. Some animals seem personable rather than purely animalistic (contemplative rather than instinctual).

When you have most humans loving the fact that they are at the top of the food chain, that doesn’t reek of earthenness, does it!

Gary Younge interviewing Richard Spencer, but when you have Nubian temples almost five times as old as their Western counterparts, then no… things would not be exactly the same without African nations, or any other nation come to that, not existing.

Yes exactly.
I think animals, other mammals especially, make more efficient teachers than children.
Certainly they are more conscious of their actions than human adults too.

Humans are the most scrawny of self-consciousness all the way own the chain until you get to viruses. But animals are being a great help lately through memes and shamanism and such.

man will finally learn as man has always finally learned, as others are still learning, only to one day finally learn one by one or group by group as ones and groups finally learned after others finally learned all throughout history as humanity finally learns quite often and will probably continue to finally learn forever and ever different lessons and the same lessons in different ways.

I wouldn’t bet the house on it.

We are Earth creatures–in and of the Earth. What else could we be? Can we save ourselves from ourselves?

I think so.

I also don’t know.


Why are things so unknown?

Nature sure likes to hide.

Damn damn.

When man finally realizes his godly nature and for effective purpose realizes that of he doesent doesn’t learn he will not survive, then and only then, will he survive.

Yeah I agree.

But my view on the divine nature is that it is much closer to the animal nature like the dog in the video teaches the human from a very high place.

Well just mammal nature.
I don’t think we need to be like spiders or ants. We actually are like ants now.

Isn’t it like the big brain has caused the whole horror show of cold blooded evolution all over but now inside the world of the warmblooded?
Our brain needs to get back to being a mammal brain, right now it is totally reptilian.

I think if we would stop doing what other mammals aren’t doing, our divine nature will shine on.

Of course kitty will play with his preys when he grows up but he won’t build farmhouses to stash them just to prolong their pain.
Nature isn’t innocent but only humans and subterranean invertebrates and some other eerie creatures make it really evil.

I think God is dangerous if he can’t be seen in animals.

But its the spirit of vengeance isn’t it, that makes it so dark in us.

Animals don’t old grudges over several generations. A hate which grows into a cold thought.

I think Your thoughts are more then one cam comment on in a simple way so I will get back to You .

God is a sadistic sob. Where do you think we got it from? lol


In order to love, you must hate that which threatens what you love.

True. I mean the last line is definitely true.

Very important that we are ready to destroy scums if they harm our loved ones. More and more important each year as the war is coming closer.

I should have said " ‘think’ that they are at the top of the food chain"