Will Physicists and Theorists Admit...

…that they are a bunch of Cranks and Crackpots that have been pushing a bunch of BS such as the Big Bang and the Standard Model, if and when the James Webb telescope proves their theory is a bunch of nonsense?

Can the general public expect an apology for being fed a bunch of BS for all these years, or will they stack more BS on top to try to save face, as they usually do?

Inquiring minds want to know!

Can we at least get a refund for all the tax dollars spent on those Quacks salaries???

…it’s all about da money [honey] …getting pa[yed]per. Millions in funding, so that they can prove non-points or just rename already existing theories and concepts.

Who would you trust?

A. A bunch of stupid physicists and theorists

B. Someone who can’t divide 1 by 3.


Did you finally finish the long division of 1 divided by 3?? How many decimal places did the answer end up being?

I’ll let you know lol

I won’t hold my breath. 'Til then I will just have to assume that you will NEVER finish the division of 1 divided by 3, and that is because it is impossible to do so.

I win you lose! :slight_smile:


Sometimes I chuckle when I think of the possibility that you’re an adult saying this stuff

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Yet you still haven’t told me how many decimal places the answer is, but instead reply with an insult.

You are fooling noone but yourself.

In your mind you can not accept that you paid to learn someone’s BS, and that makes you mad. In order to justify that emotional instability your mind invents the BS that it is I that is unstable, not you. You should get help.

I’ll work on that

…and you seem to be defending the physicists and theorists on this matter.

Do you think they should admit that they are a bunch of Cranks and Crackpots for pushing their BS on the general public for all these years, IF and WHEN proven to be nonsense?

…or are you in favor of them stacking more BS on top to save face?

Either option seems entertaining to me

K: ok, if they are wrong, what is the right theory? …
if they are not telling us the truth, then what is the truth?



It’s funny how they have no problem publically calling people that push nonsense as Cranks and Crackpots, and even Fraudsters, but when their NONSENSE is exposed they aren’t so quick to admit that THEY are a bunch of Cranks, Crackpots, and Fraudsters.

If the shoe fits WEAR IT!

The point is that they should admit they are the Cranks when their nonsense is exposed.

Do you agree?

I already told you the truth about how the speed of light is measured to be different in a single frame of reference, depending on the absolute velocity and the direction measured.
I already told you the truth of how absolute velocity works.
I already told you how we live in a multiverse, and how mass evolves to space. I told you the Earth came from the Sun!
I gave you 20 equations on how acceleration relates to initial velocity, final velocity, time, and distance.
I already explained how time is absolute!

Look it up! Better yet, stick to the Cranks nonsense, deny deny deny, and keep your head in the sand! Just keep the cash flowing!

K: so basically, you are calling Newton, Einstein, Hawkings
and Feynman “cranks” and creators of ''nonsense"…

my, you must be special to think you are smarter and a better
scientist than these other ''clowns"… I hope you begin taking
a little bit better meds… Your superiority complex is
making you think you are more gifted than the best minds
in human history… I can’t see that ending well for you…


It’s called the dunning Kruger effect

Yeah, basically. But that wasn’t the the question put to you.

You responded with the statement:

Which is supposed to mean what? That if I can’t tell you the “right theory” then I must somehow be off my rocker to suggest that the pushers of the “wrong theory” (also known as Cranks if and when their theory is disproved) owe the general public an apology?

I asked you:

The point is that they should admit they are the Cranks when their nonsense is exposed.

Do you agree?

If you are so dishonest that you can’t answer a simple question like that, but then try to shift the conversation to me, is quite frankly…well…to be expected from YOU!

This thread has nothing to do with ME, and whether I can tell you the truth, it is about the physicists and theorists that push the nonsense, and whether they owe the general public an apology and admit they are CRANKS for pushing said nonsense.

Do you agree that if and when their theory is proven to be false, that they should admit they are CRANKS and apologize to the public??

K: ok, let us try this… has your work been peer reviewed?
as all the ones I mentioned been peer reviewed… you keep saying,
that science, up this point, is a fraud and only you know the truth
about the reality of our existence? I would suggest that if you think
this is true, then why are you wasting your time on this piddling
little website… you should be in Sweden collecting your Noble
prize…as you seem to disagree with over 400 years of science…
proven by facts, data and evidence… but its all wrong because
you have decided it is wrong…

as for apologizing for being “cranks”… will you apologize when
you are proven to be wrong?

(on a personal note, I meet one of these Nobel prize winners…
his son worked with me 35 years ago…and I met him at
his son concert with a band… nice enough guy…)

anyway, back at the ranch… will you apologize when its
proven that you are wrong? OH, wait, science has already
proven you wrong… are you ready to apologize?


K, Still did not answer my question, and instead you continuously try to shift the conversation to me.

Let me try this one more time, and then I’ll not respond to you any more if you fail the test.

Do you think if their theory is proven to be nonsense that they are Cranks, and should they apologize for pushing their BS on the public?

Maybe you think they should continue pushing more BS so they can continue to make money as a fraudster?

K: the problem is that you haven’t proven any of your statements…
you are attempting to disprove 400 years of science with
non-peer reviewed work… show us how they are cranks?
compare your work with their work… show us how they,
Einstein, Newton, Hawkings are wrong and in what way
they are wrong… compare and contrast your work with their work…

of course, you will give up… claiming victory because I “failed”
to answer your question… but as I have said, you have not proven a damn thing…
you have made random non-provable statement and claimed everyone
one else in science is wrong… based on non-provable evidence…

you are claiming to be the smartest person to have ever lived…
a claim such as this requires, demands very high evidence…
show us the evidence that you are the smartest person
to have ever lived…