Will to Power...

…,specifically the book concerning “rank of men.” finding it difficult to make sense of… it does seem to be the culmination of the preceding ideas developed in the book, but it seems a little crazed and manic, like he is simply making wild assertions, and not defending them, as he feels he already has…to anyone who has read the entire book…is this last part worth reading…or is it merely the botched and bungled offspring of the more highly constitued ideas of the previous books…it almost seems childish, especially compared to some very intereresting ideas he attempted ,and succeded to a certain extent imo, to justify rationaly…thx…

The Will to Power is a collection of notes edited by Nietzsche’s sister and published after his death.

Which should set alarm bells ringing…


As to Nietzsche himself - Elisabeth was one “follower” he spent most of his life arguing with and against

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Why is everyone so obsessed with Nietzsche?

This is ilovenietzsche.com isn’t it?

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