Will we get a syncretistic religion?

Will we get a syncretistic religion?

  • Yes.
  • No.
  • I don’t know.
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Will we get a syncretistic religion?

Yes, sooner or later, unless something totally unecpected and drastic would happen to the earth.

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Already have one … actually several in the running, but one of which is real.

Universalist Unitarian churches have traditionally moved in that direction. Other churches have to catch up.

Do you welcome that development?

Who are you referencing?

I don’t welcome the struggle. The final accomplishment will probably be long after humanity has perished. The intent is to erase all contrary knowledge from the non-god, lower class. What is there to welcome?

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I was referring to Ierrelus’ post and then only asking - not only him but all.

And I also do not welcome the struggle.

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I’m not sure that it is what we need, and therefore I would say no.

What we need is a reconciliation to the understanding that all human beings have a world view, and cultures promote a world view which best helps them as a society. Religion is essentially a set of ideas about the cause, nature, and purpose of the universe, and everyone has some idea about that, but opt for the one which brings the biggest advantages.

The current disarray in the world has to do with fear and lack of empathy for other people. The West is forcing its “way of life” on people who are rightly sceptical about many aspects of western life, and we are jolted by the extremism it brings forth. This has to do with our ignorance of the effect of globalisation on other cultures, as well as the fact that we don’t really care, even if we are not so bold as to say that. We want resources in the whole world and therefore we want people to become “civilized”.

The fact that we in the west have chosen agnosticim or atheism, or a bland or even a militant brand of Christianity is made to be the measure for all other people. The atrocities of small groups are blown out of proportion in comparison to the way the west has forced itself on other people. Some day we may have a universal faith, but it won’t be syncretistic, because it will not reconcile.

A syncretistic religion would be a religion of the soul and inclusive rather than exclusive.

Simple - first remove all that causes discord and conflict; get rid of all religion and look at the earth, not the world’s of our own creation.

Of course you would also have to get rid of all governments, all medicine, philosophies, and sciences as well. Political leaders create wars. Religion is merely one of their tools.

I voted yes.

There are churches like such here too, where mass is not aimed at any one religion and all denominations are welcome if they want… it is the future.

Not in a free society. There would be no reason to believe that any manufactured syncretistic religion was actually true, and so it’s adherents wouldn’t have the conviction to do what is necessary for it to last more than a generation or so. In some non-free society in which people can be forced to adhere to a religion whether they buy it or not, or simply not taught any alternative, a syncretistic religion is possible or even likely.

We already have a syncretistic religion, Christianity. Fits the definition of a syncretistic religion perfectly. Taking bits and pieces of other religions and molding it into one? That’s Christianity for you. Too bad they didn’t credit the religions from which they took their ideas because now we still have people thinking all the beliefs and concepts of Christianity are original, which is just embarrassing.

Will we get another one? Yes. Infact, we’re getting syncretistic religions constantly, they just don’t spread enough to be known.