Will we get a syncretistic religion?

Or they think they need the lie. I tend to think unfaced fears on all sides are the root of the problem. Also I do not accept that what is take for self-interest or even will to power is actually self-interest or, hm, how to put this, an effective way of getting power. To come at it from the side…the powers that be seem very scared to me. Reactive and even sloppy, these days. Note: it is not the sloppiness that I think is the problem, it’s a sign of the fear. Its what they think they want and what a good life is that seems loopy to me. Note: I am not saying that what they promote for others as a good life is loopy - that is also true - but what they think a good base of self-interest is.

What planet are you from?
Why is there Father Christmas, Yule tide Logs, Robins, Mistletoe, Holly and Ivy, and the Trinity; in a Middle Eastern Religion when NONE of these appear in the Bible?
Answer all religions including Christianity are cobbled together from other ones.

What is it that you don’t understand about the syncretistic images that you have posted?

Yes, that was my assumption. The problem is that they do not always know what lie and what truth is. :wink:

Every human has a self-interest, a drive to be recognised, a will to live - you may also call it a “will to power”.

We think of religion of a political tool, just as any “belonging to” any group is a political tool.
These just so happen to be such effective tools because our impulse to belong is so strong.
Not only that , but religion combines this desire to be under a banner with another deep set impulse, the desire to marvel and be overwhelmed and take a glimpse at something of transcendent beauty and importance.
Religion, for that reason, will always exist. If the ones that we have now are not good enough, we’ll make up other ones to replace them. If our civilization is wiped out, and with it our gods, other gods will come to take its place.
However, on the question of wether we will have one religion composed of all others, I think probably not, as this desire to say “I am like these” is meaningless without the ability to say “I am unlike those”.

I agree. Humans want the difference - even if we call religions „misunderstood spiritual exercise systems“ (Peter Sloterdijk). So they will exist as long as human beings or other religious beings will exist.

Religions, 2010-2050:

I guess the USA’s national religion, “Human Secularism” is classified under “Other Religions” in those charts. I have to wonder why they speculate that it will grow so slowly.

The “Other Religions” of the United States will increase from 0.6% (2010) to 1.5% (2050):

The Jews (1.8% => 1.4%) and the Christians (78.3% => 66.4%) are the two religious communities that will decrease, whereas all other religious communities will increase. The Jews will decrease by 22.22% and the Christians by 15.20%, whereas the Buddhists will increase by 16.67%, the so-called “Unaffiliated” by 56.10%, the Hindus by 100%, the Muslims by 133.33%, the so-called “Folk Religions” by 150%, and the so-called “Other Religions” by 150%. So the so-called “Folk Religions” (0.2% => 0.5%) and the so-called “Other Religions” (0.6% => 1.5%) will relatively increase most (60%), whereas the so-called “Unaffiliated” (16.4% => 25.6%) will absolutely increase most (9.2%), the Buddhists (1.2% => 1.4%) will absolutely increase least (0.2%); and the Christians (78.3% => 66.4%) will absolutely decrease most (11.9%), whereas the Jews (1.8% => 1.4%) will absolutely decrease least (0.4%).

Christians and Jews: 80.1% (2010) => 67.8% (2050); decrease (in percent points: 12.3) by 15.36%
All other religious communities: 19.9% (2010) => 32,3% (2050); increase (in percent points: 12.4) by 62.31%.

In 2010 the numerical relationship was about 4:1.
In 2050 the numerical relationship will be about 2:1.

Those graphs depict “straight line”, uneventful futures. If for example, the USA economy crumbles as intended, those lines will be disturbed.

Economic aspects correlate with demographic aspects.

Do you know how trustworthy the people of the so-called “PEW Research Center” and their statements are? They predict that the fertility rates and the age distribution of the religious groups (incl. the global average) will develop as follows:

Mulims: 3.1 (2010) => 2.3 (2050), thus —0.8;
Christians: 2.7 (2010) => 2.3 (2050), thus —0.3;
Global average: 2.5 (2010) => 2.1 (2050), thus —0.4;
Hindus: 2.4 (2010) => 1.8 (2050), thus —0.6;
Jews: 2.3 (2010) => 2.1 (2050), thus —0.2;
Folk Religions: 1.8 (2010) => 2.0 (2050), thus +0.2;
Unaffiliated: 1,7 (2010) => 1.9 (2050), thus +0.2;
Other Religions: 1,7 (2010) => 1.8 (2050), thus +0.1;
Buddhists: 1,6 (2010) => 1.7 (2050), thus +0.1.

Source: pewforum.org/2015/04/02/main … on-growth/ .

Source: pewforum.org/2015/04/02/main … on-growth/ .

Of course there’s still that part about actually demonstrating the existence of whatever God does come out on top in 2050.

I know, I know: that’s not the point of this thread. Sorry. It just seems important to some to bring that up.

So, by all means, carry on. :wink: [-o< :wink:


Change in the 10 countries with the largest unaffiliated populations.

Age structure an religious switching.

Source: pewforum.org/2015/04/02/reli … ffiliated/ .

The people of the so-called “PEW Research Center” do not stop their projections at the year 2050:

Source: pewforum.org/2015/04/02/reli … -year-2050 .

The title of the said text of the PEW Research Center is: “The Future of World Religions: Population Growth Projections, 2010-2050”. Its subtitle is: “Why Muslims Are Rising Fastest and the Unaffiliated Are Shrinking as a Share of the World’s Population”. If until 2050 the Muslims will rise fastest and the Unaffiliated shrink as a share of the world population, then we will probably not get a syncretistic religion before 2050 but war before 2050, because additionally the Christians as a share of the world population will neither rise nor shrink (2010: 31.4% ; 2050: 31.4%), the Jews as a share of the world population will neither rise nor shrink (2010: 0.2% ; 2050: 0.2%), the Hindus as a share of the world population will shrink (2010: 15.0% ; 2050: 14.9%), the Other Religions as a share of the world population will shrink (2010: 0.8% ; 2050: 0.7%), the Folk Religions as a share of the world population will shrink (2010: 5.9% ; 2050: 4.8%), the Buddhists as a share of the world population will shrink (2010: 7.1% ; 2050: 5.2%), and - as I already said - the Unaffiliated as a share of the world population will shrink (2010: 16.4%; 2050: 13.2%). So merely the Muslims will rise both absolutely (2010: 1.6 billions; 2050: 2.76 billions) and relatively, thus as a share of the world population (2010: 23.2; 2050: 29.7). That will not necessarily but probably lead to war, namely to more war than we already have.

The more darkly manipulated the world becomes, the more Islam will run it. Islam represents the more rigid force, blocking some of the more critical causes of entropy, while not being ashamed of creating entropy outside itself, like Judaism.

Most religions are selfish (not merely self-interested). Christianity has the disadvantage of being not merely selfish, the easier route.

I think that we will get a syncretistic religion as we conceive of religions today. However, by the time we get this syncretistic religion, I’m pretty sure that what it means to be a syncretistic religion will have changed to something that is more than a congregation of today’s religions. Let’s say that in 500 years christianity, buddhism, animism, hinduism, taoism, zoroastrianism, strong/weak atheism, etc… will have been reconciled. Perhaps something new will exist then - that we will have to intend to reconcile with this convergence.

What if humans agree to seperate and peacefully go down seperate paths becoming truly different breeds? Why must humans be the same to have peace?

I think that seperate paths are not possible now and will not be possible in the near future. This current impossibility is a symptom of our times.

Because no real ruler wants then to have peace. Humans can never be the same, so the real rulers and their functionaries are always saying “humans must be the same to have peace”, because the real rulers know that that is impossible. It has always to do with the control of the 99%. :wink: