Will we get a syncretistic religion?

No, because govt already works with religion anyway… It is less control for government because people will be thinking more, people thinking more is the bane of corruption in modern society.

People exposed to an idea or already made set of principles are more likely to follow it blindly instead of seeking objective truth through their own perceptions.

This would seem to mean that if you had a revelation to involve yourself in a religion, however small, the sect, you are religious, but not spiritual. On the other hand if you become spiritual from reading Alan Watts or listening to a channeler, since the source was someone else you are religious, even though they are spiritual.

So any spirituality that was not best described in this way is not spirituality. And notice that this spirituality need have no spirit in it at all. A nice atheist is spiritual, even if they 1) have no spiritual beliefs and 2) don’t think about it at all, have any practices at all. Spirituality from the root spiritual meaning of or concerning the spirit. At the very least this must be a vitalist set of belief, but I would argue that it must be beliefs that have to do with what gets called supernatural entities and processes. There is not reason to use the word spiritual if these things are rule out per se by the paradigm of the user. A physicalist, for example, cannot accurately define himself as a spiritual person. He could be a wonderful or moral or giving or deeply understanding person, a great guy, a gifted relater, someone with wisdom and insight, but spiritual is not an appropriate term for him.

Well, that seems unbelievable. Spiritualities by his definition come out of individuals based on revelations. Yet, somehow all these individuals generate the same exact spirituality.

No, and no. Wild generalities without basis.

If you say so.


In some sects, sure.

This is not true, unless most of the spirituality section of bookstore and most spiritual speakers are not spiritual.

Sounds like this person conflates all religion with hellfire and brimstone Christianity. Sounds like spirituality is rather new age.

Some does yes.

But it shames those who do not do this. Holier than thou peaceful New Agers without the problems of those they judge via vibe.

The irony of this one is bigger than a breadbox.

Complete socialistic bullshit.

That would be called a Rationalist. But you are talking more of the confused, confounded, downtrodden, and hypnotized socialist plebe drone who believes whatever the TV has presented to him, no matter how absurd it is (such as the 9/11 false flag, the school shooting, and reality TV).

So is spiritualism … and every other “-ism”.

In the midst of extreme and ignorant prejudice, you are trying to proclaim guilt and innocence.

That is the reality of it. Religion is merely what arises from chaotic spirituality once it gets dominated.

Saying that you favor spiritualism is exactly like saying that you favor anarchy. And they are both promoted for the same reason - so as to produce a more easily dominated mindset - disorganized, confused, confounded, insecure, and desperate.
Then the bullies step in and there is no one to stop them. The Globalist “Nazis” take over, the Globzis.

“Hate what was so that you can be dominated by us.”

amen to that, and I firmly believe that as long the 7 hermetic principles are not accepted as self-existing and immutable Natural Laws, the meaning of Reality will escape many. My online free e-book expounds on those Principles and how they regulate emotions. Real Free Will begins with the full understanding and assimilation of such Natural Laws. Until then, the reptilian brain will continue to impose its cycle of destruction upon societies and fragment the human psyche.

Mind being cause and effect is the paramount of philosophy and metaphysics. I dont see how synchretism can put an end to the religious divide and conquer, unless by force, meaning a war that is so destructive that people will embrace it out of… Fear.

Name them please.

But don’t bet on it. :sunglasses: