Willingness to debate.

Just looked over the chamber of debate forum, seems lol, there have been a grand total of 2, yes 2, debates since I left. And frankly, they were stupid.

Anyway, anyone up for a classic 3 post, judge the winner…? I’ll be happy with any subject, if worthwhile and interesting.

Post suggestions.


I read the book of nothing, so I could probably debate ‘no’ at a push.

It’s not a Either-Or, but a way of life.

Any subject you say? :sunglasses:

Sure, I’ve been told I’m easy.

Any thoughts on a subject?

You two can debate why Joker is always such a little bitch…

Tab can defend Joker, explaining why he isn’t actually a little cocksucking fruit basket, and Joker can come out in defence of the many reasons he is infact a flamming bitchboy.

I can judge, 45 rounds, 90 days for the match, one post by Joker, one defensive retort by tab, every other day. Winner will be announced in late fall, after I’ve reviewed all the facts, and the sincerity of the arguments.

Ignoring the heckling from the cheapseats, how about vigilantes…?

Vigilantes? On what grounds of the subject?

I am sensing some deep seated hostility from you towards me.

Put my Brittny Ward pic back up.

Maybe, but what’s that next to the deep seated hostility he feels towards me. And I don’t even exist!! :wink:

I dunno, how about the relationship between batman/joker, we’re both comic-heads. Nerdfest ahoy.

Such a debate is beneath me. You can think of something better.

Debate the movie Yor.

Lol. “Yor as a dialectic crisis metaphor in modern ethics.” I don’t see it somehow.

Ha-ha, what are you interested in…? I just like to write, so all topics, low, high or in between are all good to me.

No, fuck that, debate “Yor as a dialectic crisis metaphor in modern ethics” can be done, I introduced you to it by saying I had been contemplating doing a audio commentary explaining Iabigious’ philosophy to that movie, so it certainly can be done.

I would like nothing more than to see that. Takes less than two hours to watch, I think Joker can grasp it’s depth fast enough. I will judge it. Only the best movie ever made.


I think every major philosopher should write long essays and debate on the meaning of this movie, and how it applies to life in general.


ynetnews.com/articles/0,7340 … 79,00.html

Even you said everyplace Yor visited, everyone died in. How does that fit into the geopolitical consensus of what is a crisis area, and what is not in international affairs?

Yor is the political voice of the 21st century. He represents a shirt cut to resolving all international disputes. Like a gullible yet charming Judge Dredd.


Okay, okay, l could write 3 chunks of utter bullshit about Yor I guess, if only to make Turd happy.

Since I’m still not actually sure what a dialectic is, I nominate the yor-master Turd to give us a title, designate and who’s to propose/defend what.

Or keep the title, and give me a quick dialectic example. Is it still hegel’s model - thesis antithesis synthesis thingimajigg…?

Dialectic is any non-equation that is formulaic.

A = B + C is not Dialectic, But B + C is. Discovering from B + C that it equals A is a similar play to synthesis & anti-synthesis… it is a lot of busy work that distracts you from the knowing/unknowing character of rhetorical supposition. Isn’t profitable in and of itself. Rhetoric is the communicative Dialectic.

All rhetoric is dialectic, but not all dialectics is rhetorical. Only a subset of rhetoric is linguistic, hence why I call Faust a troll, for essentially stating all philosophy is language games.


Gives you a quick overview of what Aristotle though of dialectics within conversational exchange, in his view things had to be thought through this process in a linguistic exchange, and hence is dialectic.

So… now fight to the death for the forum’s amusement.