Win/win - a fallacy?

  1. Is win/lose man’s nature?

  2. If you answered YES to question 1: What is your sustaining evidence (other than the fact that you never saw otherwise)?

  3. If you answered NO to 1: Can two people genuinely committed to win/win always find a win/win solution to the conflicts of interest in their relationship?

  4. If you answered YES to 3: Why are win/win relationships (almost?) non-existent?

  5. If you answered question 4 and still feel like answering questions: A. What people choose to commit to win/win? B. What people are capable of holding their end in win/win relationships?

  6. If you answered YES to question 1 and someone believing ‘win/win community is possible’ makes you angry - what causes your anger?

  7. If you didn’t answer any of the questions: thanks for visiting anyway!

Bonus question:
8. What percentage of people, in your opinion, believe that being committed to win/win and being capable of holding their end is what makes a relationship worthwhile?

Let me just try to get off on the bonus question now…

No, couldn’t really comprehend it neither.

onthink, are you mental?


I guess it is the conviction to honor the truth of the statement. What could bring a couple together better than truly complimentary tee shirts where the man’s would read “It’s all your fault” and the woman’s would read, “Its all my fault”? Now the previous win/lose situation has been transformed into win/ win.