Winning is a mindset

We can all be winning if we set our mind to accomplish great goals. Otherwise you wont win. I will win, as my goals are great and I win and I win and I win and I win. Like Trump. But you dont win because youre not, like, Trump. Isnt it so?

Well, listen to this.
You, too, can be winning.
If you set aside your false beliefs.

What beliefs are false, and which are true?
In essence, the true ones are the ones that make you win.
The fase ones are the ones that cause you to lose.

This doesnt mean follow evil and the money. That will cause you to fail.
It means find your passion.

The passion of truth is winning.

Indeed it is a mindset, something akin to a room full of salesmen with a poster on the wall saying, sell,sell,sell. Or ‘moving forwards’. :mrgreen:

Ultimately of course nobody wins, we all just die, and everything eventually gets forgotten, the sun will go supernova etc. I don’t want to sound so negative, but I rather hope there is more to this world than it being a race.

Let’s say you’re trapped in a dungeon and you see absolutely no way of getting out of it. How do you win with your “mindset” in such a situation?

Prove that you have the skill to become a expert masochist.

K: the Greek and Roman philosophy of Stoicism is a philosophy that
allows one to cope with, not necessarily “win” but cope with such
conditions as being in a dungeon until death…Mindsets are not necessarily
about winning but about dealing with situations…Winning is one such
possibility but other possibilities do exists…and to exist in every
single situation we find ourselves in… perhaps winning in such a Dungeon
situation is about simply living… not giving up and dying, but it is simply
enough to last, to survive, until surviving is no longer possible…
you don’t need hope, just to survive until death comes…
winning is simply living as long as possible… that can be considered
“winning” if that is your mindset…


Win/loss can perhaps be substituted with success/failure.
If so, the implications are following.

Success/failure is relative to goal.
Success = goal achieved.
Failure = goal not achieved.

So if your goal is to get out of the dungeon, and that’s impossible, there is nothing you can do to make it happen.

On the other hand, if your goal is to simply survive in the dungeon, and make sure your emotions are in check, then that’s a different thing. You may or may not be successful at this. No premise restricts this.

Either way success is not unconditional.
You can do something, achieve some goal, insofar you can do it. If you can’t, and it’s possible that you can’t, I am sorry, nothing can help you then.

Many people win by dying right. Its one of the grand prizes.
we love
A C H I L L E S !

Fuck man but I love supernovae. Id love to go down in one.

Blaze of glory. Totally winning.

Thats a losing proposition.
Didnt you read the OP :confused: ?

How would a winning guy end up in a dungeon. That, first… then. How does a winning guy inside of a dungeon succumb to despair?
There is no dungeon without an exit.

Thats what youd be telling yourself, Magnus.

Maybe he was born in that dungeon. What then? Would that mean that his ancestors had the wrong (i.e. losing) mindset?

And I am not speaking of a situation in which a man succumbs to despair. You can be very tenacious in your way to find the exit and still end up finding none. Simply because there is none.

Although I can appreciate the usefulness of a positive mindset, you still have to be careful in emphasizing it over everything else when talking about winning because if you push it too far, you can push it into a psychosis. So, yes, you can 100% win, always, but only in your mind. In reality, there is no guarantee. Sometimes, despite all your efforts you still lose; that’s just reality of things (in fact, this is more of the norm). If you reject that truth and stick with the mental attitude instead you risk drifting away from reality into a lala land where everything is possible to you and you’re truly invincible (which negates the whole idea of losing and encourages denial). It’s like those kids competitions where ‘everyone’ wins and there are no losers, and everyone gets a prize. So why have ‘a competition’ in the first place? A loss is still a loss.

We should all start drinking tiger blood and doing a LOT of cocaine

Thor approves this I am sure, unfortunately I’d be the guy who hangs off a crane by one hand but slips because there was a bit of grease on there [or worse because of the mathematics of chance]. Epic fail lols

I remember as a young punk we used to do roof jumping, and sometimes it was as if there was something there helping. I like the viking thing, just heard too much of it these days. Its not quite the same when a grown man cries because he’s won ninja warrior lol. Now Steve Austins broken skull challenge, that’s a bit more like it ~ but they don’t cry and say shit like ‘it means so much’.

I guess there is winning and then there is WINNING.

That would be bi-winning. An entirely different level of winning.

I know it is meant as a joke, but I’m honestly starting to wonder where I can get me some tiger blood.

Cocaine is boring and useless for a philosopher. Its what people that don’t enjoy their own thoughts use be able to endure themselves as they speak.