Wish List

Been eyeing this for four years, a Sunseeker EZ tri classic. Having fun while excising in comfort=perfect. Now I have room to store it and easy street access(no friggin stairs), so hopefully I’ll be posting this in the recent purchases thread soon.

OMG, my first car minus the rear spoiler but the color is spot on! Being inside this car, cruising back highways under the stars, windows down, music blaring…fond memories. Buying this again!

i had a 66 mustang back in the day. loved that car.

Buy another one if it was that sweet.


Well, I love me some older cars (1990s and older), newer models nah. The Alfa Romeo Spider(1994 or95 was last edition)is the newest car I find exciting.

The new models, for the most part, lack sexy curves made of actual metal. They are cheap, light, plastic boxes, the equivalency of tinker toys in my opinion full of technologies that do not interest me one iota. There’s not one newer car on the market in which I’d pay even a buck ninety-nine.

i had a 2009 bmw 128i that was pretty awesome. small but heavy, made or real metal and fast enough for fun driving and all that. but yes newer cars are cheaply made and generally suck. like washing machines, all technology and bad fundamentals. who the fuck needs an ipad built into a washing machine? and how do the clothes get any cleaner. old school cars and washing machines are better than what the market is offering today.

Most everything old school was built to last.


A touchscreen laptop with at least 128 gig hard drive and Windows 10. Haven’t found “the one” yet.

Then this

Then this

i didn’t know that windows was still a thing. i just use my phone and an old chromebook. chromebook like 200 bucks. when it gets slow you throw it away and get another one. why windows?

Purchased in the blue color with an electric motor added. It’s huge and taking up all the walking space in my living room.

Picking up my laptop tomorrow. 13” HP touchscreen, 8 gigs ram, 500 gig hard drive.

Edit: Got it! My first laptop, yaay!


Thinking steel support beams: 1 br, 1 1/2 ba, with loft for guests, 1000 sq. ft., 1 car garage off side.

Acquired the larger, Royal version.

Plan to order the woodburning stove in June but It may take awhile to receive it due to Covid.

I mentioned awhile back my interest in building my own solar energy system but now I’ve decided to add a wind turbine as well. Problem is that I haven’t seen any VAWTs, that are both on the smaller, compact side and in my price range.

But the woodstove is next, then I’ll start picking up solar components. I’d like it to be portable and storable with a min. of 5000 wh and a 3500/7000 wattage load. If I come across a beast of an inverter like 5000w or larger for a reasonable price, then hells to the yeah.

Are you going to hook-up the wood-burning stove to your central heating system a’la Aga stylee?

No, I’ll officially install it in my forever home.

Sounds… cozy. Very eco/self-sustaining… should be the standard/the default… how did we become so lost?

Car cameras

Solar array energy system (Ordered 190 watt 12v panels today)

vertical wind turbine(last to round out my energy self-sufficiency)