Women Philosophers

How many are here and what were some great women philosophers.

haack is a good one

(although I think foundherentist epistemology is lacking)


Simone Beauvoir and Judith Butler come to mind. However to be honest I haven’t read many of the women in Philosophy.

Does Elaine Pagels count? She wrote some books on Christianity that were pretty good.

Another question, and I’m not trying to be funny, but who are the black philosophers?

Asante (Afrocentric idea) is a perspectivist philosopher…


The philosophic ideas Ayn Rand is still very popular.

Elain Pagels is more of an historian of early Christinaity and its gnostic influences.

Most of the prominent female philosophers have specialized in, out of necessity, feminist philosophy. Beauvoir, who broke such amazing ground for women in “The Second Sex,” was often relegated to one or two lines in a biography of Sartre, because women were traditionally excluded from the realms of academia where philosophical conjecture was encouraged and admired. That’s changing…slowly.

How many are there? Or how many are listed? Some of the most brilliant people have never been recognized or ‘listed’.

If you want a list http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_female_philosophers

Who was great? Depends on what they were saying, how they said it and If I agreed.

Mother Teresa has said many profound quotes as you would call them. Not only did she state such thinking but applied it to her life. Now to me that is more then making lists and writing books

actually i meant here on the forum, cus i hear alot from other guys about philosophy, i wanted to know about women philosophers for a change

Oh I misunderstood then. Well certainly not I, I am only a student of life.

The reason why there aren’t many female philosophers is simple, and it’s been known by the smartest people in the world for a long time, yet rarely discussed.

Women do not possess the ability to think creativley in abstracts. This thinking is the foundation of all metaphysical inquiry. This inquiry is the foundation of all philosophy.
Because they have a penchant for irrational emotivism, it makes them good at moral, ethical, and religious debate, but those topics are relativley moot outside of social contexts, which are but an object of real philosophy which is based in the metaphysical inquiry as described above.

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Back to the question…

What’s up with female philosophers?

Hannah Arendt


Mary Astell


Emilie du Chatelet

en.wikipedia.org/wiki/%C3%89mili … C3%A2telet

Not to mention that many of the great male philosophers of the renassaince and reformation were encouraged and supported by royal female benefactors, where they were persecuted or ignored by the church and scholars.