Words are Woefully Over Rated

Who can prove that the following pairs of words don’t point to the same reality?

  1. Jesus and Mary

  2. Apollo and Athena

  3. Buddha and Bodhisattva

  4. Yin and Yang

Western cultures have long preferred to anthropomorphize the Divine … Eastern cultures not so much.

Not ‘seeing’ it is a form of blindness … an indication of a consciousness not fully awakened.

No healthy normal person chooses blindness … the appropriate time … the time for the scales to fall off our eyes … has simply not come … yet!

Dualism vs holism?

Ierrellus … yet another manifestation of your keen insight. Perhaps you were a Daoist in a previous life. :slight_smile:

Paraphrasing Lao Tzu … The One became two(Yin Yang) … and the three created the myriad of things.

Holism+Dualism = Trinity

Each element in the above statement is inseparable from the other … yet … function independent of each other.