World War 3

Is WW3 possible or not?

  • 1. Reworded- Is the world heading to major conflict?
  • 2. The world is headeing to major conflict, but it can be avoided in the near future
  • 3. The world is far from reaching levels of conflict to result in global conflict.
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Do You feel that the world is heading for a global conflict?

There are three options in this poll:

  1. The world is heading for an all inclusive war, and there are no viable remedies to avert it.

  2. Politics can still save the day, even within an athmosphere of growing distrust and futile dishonesty

  3. There is no need to think of any imminent conflict internationally, deep state agenda overcoming
    conflict implemented by wag the dog theatrics and
    other means :both nationally and internationally,both are liberals’ attempt to smear the Trump’s agenda.

Yes, it will either start in Ukraine, Syria, Iran, or North Korea. These are the huge flashpoints of conflict.

Otto: Please choose one of the options , if You would.
Thank You.

Ok: Option one.

Also, you know there is an automatic in post polling apparatus, right?

No I didn’t, how does it work? And incidentally, why did you vote #1?

Everything’s gonna be fine.

Yeah, I’m sure that’s what they said on the Titanic when they hit an iceberg.

I’m sure there’s nothing to worry about whatsoever.

When you create a new thread it is in the edit feature where you’re writing your post at.

Why did I choose my answer? The world is going through a depletion phase of all its dwindling natural resources. A new world war is the answer for the ultimate prize of global consolidation.

Three national superpowers enter the contest but only one comes out the victor and becomes the new face of global power.

Also, the international market system is on the verge of collapse. Perfect opportunity for a global conflict.

I suggest you edit option one in the poll and try again, looks very unintelligible.

Orbie, your question is listed as the first answer.

I thought putting it as #2, but it is the entrance that is more concerning, rather any kind of exit, including a Brexit type exclusion.

For the main, it is still only a war of appearances probably based on simulated data. And appearances have to be factored in in any kind of political justification nowadays.

That is random,
but yes, appearances are what nature responds to, and how she indicates to herself what she needs done.

Yes what part of nature? One consisting of nature as apprehended, or, the deep state of nature.

Here is an interesting natural fact: The center of the earth is hotter than the surface of the sun.