Would micro-engines work?

Would multiple micro-engines work?

Building a flying board…

If we built tiny engines with propellers which collectively had the same thrust as large ones, would it work the same? Assuming that every action creates an equal reaction, I figured using small engines would create the same lift but the air a short distance away would be far more calm than if one used a single powerful engine?

Would multiple micro-wings work?

That would create an efficiency problem of multiple types.

The props would have to spin much, much faster, thus have greater resistance issues. The amount of space taken up by the engine compared to the amount of force generated would be increased. The sheer number of moving parts (as well of the tighter specifications) would greatly increase the MTBF, probability of failure.

The only thing that I can image that you would get out of it would be that the aberrant turbulent stream would be shorter, but not any less energy wasteful. Don’t stand behind the prop, and that isn’t an issue.

The way to build the flying board, is to use a different type of “engine”, a molecular “jet” utilizing the thermal chaos of the air. With that type of construction, one can produce a 1 foot “board” with over 800lbs lift (I forgot the exact figures).

I see. Can you elaborate a little more on your engine proposal. :slight_smile:

I was considering the engine to be be an electric-wankel rotary engine hybrid made of carbonado [black diamond] and artificial diamond, so weight and strength wouldn’t be such an issue. How about micro elliptical wings in a mesh, would they work ok? Reason I would use them is such that a mesh can be formed into many shapes [to go inside the vehicle], whereas obviously a single wing forces the design.

a bit like these…

e6.com/wps/wcm/connect/E6_Co … materials/

e6.com/wps/wcm/connect/E6_Co … materials/


thekneeslider.com/radial-bi-rota … on-engine/

Out of interest; apparently plants use QM for photosynthesis ~ such to manoeuvre photons from the outside of the leaf cells to the inside, where they can then be turned into use-able energy. I don’t know the science of this of course, but I assume the cells have an electrical polarity, which in some way alternates at a level which ‘resonates’ with QM, such that the probability of that occuring in each instance is high.

Point being that if we could mimic that, well, make a similar process, then one could create the potential for any quantum particles to move one space forwards, In effect, moving an entire craft or surface of the craft forwards one motion at a time, but millions or billions of times per second, hence creating movement forwards?

Btw, a guy in america has built a flying craft with four small motorbike engines, I assume four far smaller rotary engines would do the same trick ~ as they produce far more power e.g. as used in the mazda 7/8 sports car. Then if we make them from carbonado they could be even smaller!

Problem is, how will the authorities and society cope with flying vehicles!


That engine utilized the random motion of air molecules. Without any moving parts at all, it ordered their motion. Once ordered, their kinetic energy (due to simple air temperature) can be used in a variety of ways. One way is to simply direct the atoms straight downward thereby forcing the craft straight upward - no moving parts at all, no fuel required at all, no waste products at all. And all happening on a microscopic level. I named it my “Kinetic Diode”, KD.

More useful designs use the directed kinetic energy to build pressure for pressure applications, such as compression engines, turbine engines, electric generators,…

The limit to the amount of energy output is a simple issue of the temperature of the surrounding air, which the device freezes as it directs the thermal energy elsewhere. I figured that a 400 HP automobile engine could be made that very quickly froze the air immediately around it as it accelerated. When the automobile stops, all of the thermal energy is merely distributed differently than it had been. No energy is created or destroyed, merely shifted around by its own kinetics. Thus there is no industrial energy buildup. A highly industrialized nation would be at the same temperature as any other nation with the same number of people.

Also there were no fuels to spill or store, or even purchase (which is why it was all quickly buried).

interesting, but I fail to see how air temperature ~ agitation of its atoms, would provide enough energy to power the vehicle and give enough lift for both it [being light] and a passenger/pilot.

what’s stopping you from building such a device and becoming the richest man in the world? silly question I suppose, because if you were developing it then you wouldn’t yet be rich, and if you had already developed it, then we’d all be using them, or at least it would be known about.

Well, that was my first thought too. I was thinking that I would have to heat the air, which I had planned on doing. But after I calculated the amount of energy already in the air, I found it unnecessary to add anything. It could be 30 below and you would still have plenty of energy. You just can’t get it so cold that the air itself freezes. For the internally closed systems, I proposed Argon gas, for a verity of reasons. I no longer remember what the figures were, but they were all very workable.


Realize that flight 370 had all of the inventors of a specific air-defense micro-chip on board. When they went mysteriously missing, presumed dead, the owners of the company, the Rothchilds, gained billions of dollars from the patent rights.

No moving parts at all? No fuel required at all? No waste products at all? That all must bel happening on a microscopic level.

No energy is created or destroyed? Merely shifted around by its own kinetics? No industrial energy buildup?

Sensational, James!

B.t.w.: Their name is Rothschild - they originally come from Frankfurt (Main) in Germany. Their name means “rot” (old version: “roth”) = “red”, and “Schild” = “Shield”. Thus: “Red Shield”.

Yeah, I looked at that spelling twice, and still didn’t catch that missing “s”.

And btw, “Roth” doesn’t actually mean “red”. It means “Anger” or “Revenge” which is represented by red. The “Red Sea” in scriptures is referring to the sea of anger/revenge in the Egyptian populous. “Roth-Child” obviously means “A child of roth”, a “child of anger/revenge”.

At least that is an acceptable Interpretation ( :wink: ). But the traditional interpretation has to do with the absent house numbers in the street called „Judengasse“ in Frankfurt during the medieval times. At that time there were no house numbers in the „Judengasse“, but shields or signs of goods (products) in different colours. In this case it was a red shield.