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I would put this topic in The Rant House, myself, so i could use language appropriate to addressing the idea of deafening whales by inventing a new weapon, – and they can’t determine who can legally sue the government not to do it. Is this a pre-emptive strike against the Oceans?

The legislators’ families really need to go whale-watching.

I Brake for Whales

animal rights great!

some one needs to take the geese’s side and file a law suit against kerry for murder… kerry doesn’t need the ketchup billions…


i would probably take a goose’s side any day but Friday – with or without katsup. I think my fervor for animal rights in this case comes from simple Mill’ian “utilitarianiam”. The most good for the most. Our Earth and it’s diversity of life is a value – somewhat religious to this believer – in itself. Whales are beautiful animals and to keep the government from deafening great numbers of them – physically or practically – seems a far greater value than locating subs in a time of peace. It’s not animal rights, it’s our rights to live in a world with animals.

I should really write my legistator – whomever they may turn out to be. Darn election timing.

What whales and other marine mammals need to do is get “incorporated” and form a Lobby Group. By the way, how high are the ceilings in the White House? I heard they were alot higher before Bush got elected!

While I understand people’s disappointment and feel a compasion towards all animal life, I feel that this sonar is important for the US defense. It is not peace time right now, and one thing I learned from my dad who was an engineer on a Submarine for many years, is that there is no peace time on the seas.

I just find it sad that human defense and expantion is at the expense of innocent animal life… I hope one day to find a happy medium.

It’s not deafening whales. the sonar is more akin to a jackass sitting in the next booth at a restaurant with a cell phone. He’s talking loudly to his friend and complaining about the food, specifically the “delicious” dish you smugly ordered for your date not 5 minutes ago. Try to work you best moves in that situation and you’ll understand the whale’s plight.