We all know this little coward would never have the balls to go through with his death threats, but here it is anyway.

ilovephilosophy.com/viewtop … &p=2802769

At Careleas,

Are Death Threats acceptable on this forum? Or is it like 2021, and some people are above the law? I’m curious

I am joining the question, because I was and am dismayed by WW_III_Angry’s (or WWW_II_Angry’s) statement.

Is the Wild West in Chicago now? Is WW_III_Angry the Avenger of the Indians and Slaves who wants to Murder all Whites?

World Wide Web II - in short: WWW II - has begun. Here is someone who projects more and more of his problems onto others and becomes even angrier because of it. From WW_III_ANGRY to WWW_II_Angry (?).

saying that you would love to do something isn’t the same as saying that you are going to do it jesus ladies you have really got to pay attention to the details here.

It’s not surprising that you defend death threats from Commies and far-left domestic terrorists.

But it’s obviously a death threat.

snowflake lol

of course u condone his behavior smears, stay predictable

stop acting like a little pussy

stop defending death threats

u r responsible 4 degrading this forum

you cant be a pussy on a philosophy forum. no one threatened to kill you.

It was a death threat, aimed at Joker, I don’t give a fuck what you think Smears.

You’re scum for defending it, but you were scum before so no change there.

One less Commie scumbag around here is a move in the right direction, pun intended.

Finally, I want to see if forum policy has changed, and we can all move onto putting bullets into each-other’s heads. Maybe we have come to this. Let’s see Carleas’ decision.

If we want to go down this path, I’m fine with it, I just want to know for certain. Fuck you Smears.

By the way, the “pussy” here is the one issuing death threats, and not following through with them.

That is the cowardice. And it comes from you and your side, not me and my side.

Threat starts from one side, from the weak, not from the strong.

When I go around issuing death threats, saying I want to put bullets in your head, then you have a right to criticize me. Until then, you’re a simple dumbass.

joker aint scared of shit. also he isn’t going to date you so you can stop acting like youre his wife.

tell me about all those people who were threatening a civil war. they still gonna do that?

Now you’re using Non Sequitur, I suppose this is you admitting you’ve lost the plot.

Next time you stoop so low as to defend death threats on this forum, at least make sure it’s worth it.

Is it?

dude you really do suck at seeing what’s right in front of you. there was no death threat, and trump lost the election.

“I want to put bullets in your head” =/= not a death threat

Got it, anything else?

saying you want to do something and saying you are going to do something are 2 completely different things.

here i got you this.


Would of responded to this thread quicker but I’m a worker man now working extremely long shifts or hours paying the bills of my house.
[Geez, now I sound like an old man or something, seems so strange. :sunglasses: ]

Anywho, I thank those who have rushed to my aid and who have defended me from the heart, I respect that, but honestly it isn’t necessary. The petty threats, insults, and blood vengeance imaginations of a couple filthy communists or neoliberals doesn’t concern me at all where I have no intention of even reporting it. I really don’t care.

[I’m not afraid of them and neither should any of you be.]

They’re despicable weaklings and mental midgets where they’ll get what they deserve eventually, once again, thank you to my defenders. :sunglasses:

joker take the day off and buy amc shares instead

I think Carleas can see perfectly clearly just who, to speak with George A. Morgan, are “those wretched lives which poison the air for everybody with their misery.”(Morgan, What Nietzsche Means, page 371.)

“[T]o see clearly where injustice is always greatest: namely there, where life is least, narrowest, shabbiest, most primitively developed, and yet cannot help taking itself as aim and measure of things[.]” (Nietzsche, Things Human, All Too Human, Preface, section 6.)

For someone like me, it’s almost unbelievable that someone would actually be so blind, especially to themselves, as Urwrongx1000 and the like seem to be. I almost can’t believe he isn’t just acting in bad faith, pretending to be like that—why? Again, my natural inclination would be to answer that it must be someone who wants to make the alt-right look bad; but judging from those who are increasingly less blind but still very much so, I actually think the guy’s for real…