WWIII Declared

The Declaration of World War III by King Charles of Britannia,

You all have been hereby warned:


The ignition point will be a false flag event in Taiwan, instigated war between China and (what remains of) USA.

We all have less than a year.

alex jones?

No, King Charles own words, if you could pay attention.

why would you use an alex jones video?

Ignore the warning at your own leisure. But don’t say that you weren’t.

do you watch his videos regularly? like are you an alex jones fan?

What did King Charles say in the video?

What were his words?

i asked 1st

I authored the thread, buddy. I ask the questions round’ere…

youre not socrates

Skip to the 1:00 minute mark if Alex Jones frightens you so much…

I have always hoped that anything Alex Jones said was true, because I’d love nothing more than a WW3 or an alien invasion. But I really do think he’s full of shit.

Urwrong, on the other hand, dreads a WW3 or an alien invasions, but believes what Alex says is true.

Isn’t that a pretty cool irony?

I don’t fear for me. I fear for you all.

Fear for me? Bro, I’m already under martial law. WW3 would be my big break.

You, not so much, just avoid the major cities or you might eat a nuke.

just more evidence, as if we need more, that UR has abandoned reality…
and is looking for a good dream to exists under…

remember, this is the clown who thought IQ45 won the last presidential election,
who thought that Biden would be dead by summer, thought that
IQ45 would be “reinstated” by Aug, no, wait, maybe it was Sept,
or perhaps it was Nov… that IQ45 would become president again…

now more of UR ilk is waiting in Dallas for JFK Jr. to come back to life
and run as Vice president with IQ45 in the next election… yep, that
JR. who has been dead for 22 years…

this is what UR and Observe and Pedreeeo have to offer us… stale old
conspiracies and “black flag” operations…but the question becomes,
why would anyone abandon reality for make believe as they have done?

the reason is simple, reality is such a burden for them, they have to
reject it and live in an alternative reality that is full of conspiracies,
lies and black flag operations…it is a sign of mental illness to
escape one’s reality to live in an alternative reality…
very sad…


PK, I know you’re too stupid to watch the video. King Charles says it himself.

as this is a philosophy site, I don’t watch video’s…
my opposition to vid’s is pretty well established…
if you have something to say, say it… don’t depend on video’s
to make your case for you… that is lazy ass shit…


If I want a debate about gaslighting for the Commies, Socialists, and Marxists destroying America, don’t worry Commie, you’ll be the first to know.

This thread is about King Charles declaring, in no uncertain terms, inevitable, global military conflict in the near future.