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It is this type of nonsense that got the right wing a serious ass whopping.


this really should be pursued

Yeah, the very idea, following the law. And while the right wing may be enjoying this, it isn’t their doing. The Clintons are behind this with Hillary the most likely benefactor. So point your finger at your own party (that’s the sweetest part).

It is interesting to contemplate how this might play out. If Obama is found to be unqualified, since the Democrat Party didn’t vet him which is not apparently required for the election, he would not be a legitimate candidate for the Electoral College. The real sweet part of this is that the Democrats wouldn’t be able to point to the evil Republicans as the cause of their problem since Berg is a life long staunch (Hillary) Democrat.

So if this does come about, what then? Obama’s electors would be free to vote for whoever they want, but the power in the party still belongs to Obama. Would they then vote for Biden, or Hillary, who is behind this suit? If the Electoral College couldn’t resolve it, it would be thrown into the House of Representatives where Hillary would have more support (whoever is picked, it will be a Democrat since the EC and the current House both have Democrat majorities).

The next question that springs up is how bad will the race riots be, given that they will have the same reptilian who gives a shit about the law reaction as Kropotkin, and just start screaming “Racism!”

One thing is clear. Obama could have nipped this in the bud years ago when this question was first raised. It is such a simple thing, what choice is there but to believe that he isn’t a natural born citizen, or at least that he can’t prove his citizenship ? What difference does it make if Hawaii “certified” it (under threat or graft or both)? If they do in fact have a legitimate document, it makes no sense that he wouldn’t allow them to release it. How can any reasonable person believe that this isn’t a situation of Obama’s own making?

It’s curious that I haven’t heard a thing about this on talk radio–probably because the only result would be swapping one socialist Democrat for another with even more turmoil thrown in.

after a good night sleep, I have changed my mind.
Please feel free to pursue this to your hearts content.
This will keep you busy while the adults are busy.

Hay, look a shiny dime.
why don’t you check it out.



An excellent perspective. The fringe is REALLY the fringe now. Like all the conspiracy theorists, it gives them something to do while the rest of us try to figure out how to get the train back on the track…

The evil regime is gone long live america!

PT, you haven’t offered anything new to this accusation. As I said last time, Obama hasn’t broken any laws, and hasn’t failed to do anything that’s required of him. In fact, he has gone above and beyond what’s required of him. Obama did not have to take his birth certificate around to government offices before he ran for offices, and he didn’t.
As such, this is a lawsuit that has yet to demonstrate that it has any substance at all, and until it does, it is as possible as any of an endless number of (as Tent hit the nail on the head) FRINGE theories. Without significantly more than what’s been presented, they are without substance.

Then to whom and when does a candidate have to validate his citizenship? I admit ignorance on this point of procedure. Does anyone here know. The fact is that, according to those that have responded, the requirement is immaterial and irrelevant. It must follow then that the Constitution is irrelevant. Anyone?

How so? It’s been ruled by a Supreme Court justice that them must respond. The Dec. 1st date is significant. It is just days before the Electoral College meets.

Nothing has been presented. And again this isn’t the Republicans doing this. It’s the formerly most beloved politician in America. How quickly Democrat loyalties die and are reborn. Hmmm, I guess this is sort of like the second coming since Clinton was the first black President. =D>


There is still the elephant in the room, with the press and talk radio (?) still totally ignoring it. We pooh pooh the Constitution at our own risk. They report that the injunction to stop the election was denied, but not that Obama, the DNC and the FEC must answer the the Writ of Certiorari by Dec. 1st. What is this head in the sand shit? Can Obama worship lead us to dismiss the Constitution and the law it establishes so easily and with such flippancy? There is no difference between this blindfolded faith and religious blindfolded faith.

Here is the Washington Times ad from Monday:
(I disagree with its title. As Carleas has pointed out, Obama (and apparently no one) has broken the law yet, because proof of citizenship has not been required–yet.

Its all a conspiracy to make Biden the real president, :sunglasses:

I could be wrong, The Paineful Truth, but I think you’re in for a colossal disappointment. It’s my understanding that Obama long ago posted a facimile of his birth certificate on his website. I’d be pretty shocked if he couldn’t produce valid proof of citizenship given the need. This one’s a tempest-in-a-teapot (barring some unforeseen twist).

I’m not under any illusions here. What I expect is for Obama, one way or another, to be inaugurated as President without proving his citizenship. He won’t produce a birth certificate because he doesn’t have a valid one (he would have produced it long ago if he did). My point is that this violation of the most straight-forward requirements given in the Constitution would be the last nail in it’s coffin. We’ve bypassed most of the rest of it already, this would announce its death, burial and the replacement of the rule of law with rule by momentum.

I think the reason the conservatives, particularly on talk radio, aren’t talking about this is because they fear what might happen when it sinks in that we no longer have a Constitution. But how long can they hold their collective breath before the herd stampedes? We’re like the cartoon character who walks off a cliff onto thin air but doesn’t fall until he realizes what he’s done.

If Souter does rule against Obama and his is prevented from being inaugurated, the left will revolt because their emotions overrule rationality. A majority don’t understand how the rule of law is established and maintained and wouldn’t care if they did since…(I can’t finish without some expression of over-the-top cynicism. You get the point.)

So disappointment isn’t in the mix, but fear is. I keep asking myself, what would I do if I were Souter? If he upholds his oath to protect and defend the Constitution, he’d be the only one in a long line of it’s betrayers that got us here. But now, what is the cost of upholding it, or delivering its death blow?

Really? I thought the last nail in the coffin was perhaps going to war without a declaration of war from Congress. The birth certificate issue seems petty compared to that.

The Constitution has been circumvented long before now. If you haven’t, I highly recommend Bill Moyers’ documentary, The Secret Government: Constitution in Crisis. Fascinating watch. … 5137118430

Well, unless you somehow have information not available to the public re his birth certificate I can’t see on what grounds you can claim he doesn’t have one. Again, I believe the document has been displayed. Perhaps you haven’t seen it but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.

It is not a requirement that a Declaration of War be labeled as such, and this was an instance where the Constitution was followed. The Authorization for Use of Military Force Against Iraq Resolution of 2002, was passed by Congress in October 2002 as Public Law No: 107-243, authorizing the Iraq War.

The first and foremost reason for the Resolution was Iraq’s noncompliance with the conditions of the 1991 cease fire, including interference with weapons inspectors. His most egregious failure was not invading sooner.

I said that, and that it started long before what you or he suggests. Anything, I suppose, but address the issue here.

How can you justify your belief when you won’t view the evidence against it? A document posted on the Internet can not be validated, and it this case, it raises questions about its validity. All he has to do is tell Hawaii to release it. Why won’t he?

The overall attitude here and nationwide is that this isn’t that important. Thus it follows that the Constitution isn’t that important. Justice Souter sees the importance, but what will he do when Obama, the DNC and the FEC don’t respond to the Writ with valid proof? Why is the news about this being spiked–by both sides? I keep asking it myself and I don’t have an answer.

I disagree, I don’t think you can conclude that the Constitution isn’t that important to those who believe it’s not important where somebody is born. I think great leaders can come from anywhere. Is a disagreement with one small bit of the Constitution equal to disregarding the entire document?

That doesn’t even make logical sense, much less pass the b.s. test. What proof could there possibly be to prove a that he doesn’t have a valid birth certificate? Only if someone could produce a valid certificate from another country, since you normally only have one birth certificate, would that make sense, and I’ve heard of no such claim. True, I can’t prove that the facsimile online was authentic, but I have no particular reason to think it’s not. Perhaps the court challenge could compel the state of HI to produce it. And they probably can. But I can’t think of any other case right off where a president elect was forced to produce a birth certificate, can you?

I agree that the Constitution should be followed (even though it’s routinely ignored as a rule and has taken a savage beating from the current administration) but I don’t see any reason to subject Obama to a higher standard than any other president elect.

How many people have to see it for you to be satisfied? I consider the matter closed barring any real evidence.


If Obama had been born in any of the other 49 states, do you think he would be under this same attack?

Moreover, you need a precedent showing that all presidential candidates have been made to show proof of their citizenship. This is all nothing but shit stirring and as Phaedrus points out, without merit. Souter ain’t the whole court, and he would be handed his ass for his “opinion” if it came to that.

If this thing really had any merit, the RNC would have been all over it. The reason no one is talking about it, is that there is nothing there.

But have fun with it. Write a book about Obama stealing the election as part of the giant world control conspiracy. I’m sure it would be well read. It might even become a best seller… You could become famous.

It isn’t a disagreement with a small bit of the Constitution, it is a violation, a violation that’s never been attempted before and for reasons for which we have no comprehension. Yes is does violate the entire document on its own, and it’s much more lethal in its death bed state.

He is not being held to a higher standard. All he needs is to produce verifiable evidence. That’s all.

And no, it doesn’t matter what state…at all. Did you watch the video? The birth certificate isn’t the only problem, but if he were to come up with one, I’d accept that and zip my lips on the issue for ever, even though his residence in Africa and Indonesia may actually be more problematic.

The burden of proof is on Obama.

He could have been born in any of the 57 states, or anywhere in the world for that matter. The citizenship of his parents is the issue that determines citizenship.

Certainly every President in the 20th Century could prove it, and it’s probably in all their memorial museums. Before that, I’m no expert, but they had records and witness to establish citizenship if it were questioned, which never happen before in some mighty contentious elections (why didn’t Gore think of that), but which was questioned because of all the questions-- andby a Democrat. Not only can he not produce a certificate proving birth within the US, but not one showing the citizenship of his parents. I keep asking, and nobody answers except to say this is silly, why doesn’t he address the incredibly simple question"? His ignoring it arouses suspicion.

That’s the one thing I have no answer for and brought up before, the Right’s silence on this is totally unfathomable. But we will have an answer, and soon I Hope.