Great new show, don’t miss it.

Who can honestly say Kevin Costner doesn’t make great flicks?

As long as he isn’t asked to shoot a scene barefoot. He’s known for having difficulty losing his two socks:

Buh dum tshhh

Have you seen Dances with Wolves?

No, but I’ve been seen dancing with wolves. They pack some pretty mean moves on the dance floor. We danced for hours on end without any paws. I don’t know howl they do it.

Buh dum tshhh

Gonna watch me that one tonight or tomorrow.

Quite gritty movie that, as I remember. I saw it in the theatre when it came out.

It is different from Field of Dreams in that.

Which has some genius to it.

“The only thing we had in common was that she was from Iowa, and I had once heard of Iowa.”