You can’t cause cause without first having cause = illogical

You can’t cause cause without first having cause = illogical?
Cause and effect can only occur where there is already potential, however, reality prior to manifest existence has none. Therefore simplicity itself dictates that unless there is something else which causes existence and which itself is not existential, then existence cannot have occurred. Yet it has.
How is it logical to make the assumption that there is ‘something else’ + which causes causality, when that is a direct contradiction of causality. By that I don’t mean something like, oh there must be a G/god/ess/s then, as that would still be a contradicting aspect to the equation. Effectively whatever else we attempt to add to the mix, is a folly, causality must contain cause and effect and that must have potentiality within it. Causality cannot cause itself, ergo there can only be causality and therefore nothing outside of it.
This is not reasonable, it is stating that causality must have non-existent components and a base outside of existence.

We could say ok, so causality has infinities which are not finite and therefore non existent in finite terms, but existent anyway. However, for any such thing to be true, the supposed infinities would have to contain the properties required for existence to occur. So we would be stating that something outside of existence has existent aspects [contradiction] which cause causality, even where we are stating that there can be nothing outside of said causality.

For me the only reasonable conclusion which doesn’t contradict itself, is that causality itself is a flawed concept as the fundamental philosophy. Same applies to God or any such thing which supposes they can do the impossible and cause cause without first having cause within its constitution.

Conclusions [if we don’t go by the contradictions];
1.there are no exists/don’t exist scenarios. Existence doesn’t exist and non-existence doesn’t exist. These are just false notions based in dualistic and flawed reasoning’s.
2.Cause and effect are an appearance and not the fundament of reality [and there is no ‘not real/is real’].
3.Without the fundamentals [iterations or integers thereof et al] of knowledge, knowledge may only be representative.

There are only illusions and reality itself is one of them.
Ultimately there is nothing to stop us from making ‘reality’ into whatever we want, except that we don’t know how to do that. Thing is, we don’t need to know how to do that because there is no knowing and therefore there is no knowing how do do that. So you don’t need anything.
Death is the greatest illusion, after which there are no illusions and the mind will be free to do whatever it so pleases. Only with the empowering of this ‘knowledge’ can the mind be free. Heaven, Elysium or whatever one chooses to refer to that state as, simply refer to the world/s the mind can manifest once free from illusion. A world without gods, and not even the god we call causality.