You just had a sex change.

A thought experiment about our perceptions in gender.

Suppose for the moment that you woke up this morning and you are the opposite gender that you were yesterday. This comes as no surprise to you, because you accepted it willingly. We’ll make some absurd excuse, let’s see . . .

Something of your identity put your family in danger and to save them and yourself you had to live somewhere else, leave everyone you know, and even change your sex. It was your irresponsability that put them in danger, so you’re happy with the change.

There’s no trace that you were a different gender. You hold the same sexual orientation you did before- heterosexual if you were, homosexual if you were, etc.

You now have a fairly stable life, a place to live and work and casual friends etc.

What do you do now? How do you feel about the new life? Paranoid? Intrigued? Confused? Unconcerned?

Try to give elaborate detail. I will in a few posts. Thanks.

Firstly, I guess I would become a lesbian - I’m not sure what you mean about “holding the same sexual orientation as before” - or is this part of the question?

I’m already paranoid, intrigued, confused and unconcerned, so that would change much. I’d probably try to get a girlfriend to shop for clothes with. Probably the biggest problem would be remembering to use the ladies room in public places.

Sex changes are desired when the inner-self expects their bodyparts to be something other then what they actually are. It’s basically a form of lieing and insanity. Civilization is brimming with dishonesty and external judgment/games.


Yeah, and when you pray at night:

“God, when I die, I want to reincarnate as a lesbian. Woop wop wop. Jesus Christ amen.”

Yeah, think about it. If you’re a lesbian, you get to have sex with women, and they don’t hate you afterwards. Doesn’t sound so bad.

Pluss you get to be turned on 24/7 by your own tits. :laughing:

I wonder if that’s the appeal in applying lots of makeup by hand . . .


I’d probably never leave the house!

Now I know how Larry Wachowski might have felt. :wink:

So this sex change you speak of, would this be mental as well as physical? This seems to me like you’d probably feel stronger and weaker and so on feelings on different levels. You’d be more sensitive to other people’s emotions by default (instead of being more sensitive to other’s emotions by experiences), you’d want to have sex less, or so it seems from the women I know. So on in the mental state.

So basically, you wouldn’t get turned on by your own tits, and you’d love the cock.


I’d get right on the phone to the Jerry Springer Show and start negotiating an appearance fee…

Good idea, I always call him up so thousands of people can laugh and point fingers at my misfortune and be fed by my problems.

I don’t think it works that way. From experience (Europe), I think breasts in particular don’t instinctively turn us on more than arms, legs, ears, and eyes. It gets diluted pretty fast; I think it’s only a turn-on because it’s so uncommon to see them regularly in today’s society. (But you were joking anyway)

An attempt at taking this topic seriously; I probably would start becoming victim to society’s idea of women in that I’d engage in less testosterone fueled activities, like being aggressive. However, I’d also have less testosterone, so it wouldn’t be entirely dishonest of me. I wonder whether I might get more satisfaction from cleaning things as opposed to fixing things…But yeah, it’s hard not to sound sexist in this thread of yours :unamused:

Thanks for some serious input, though the humour was good.

I personally would be paranoid, at least at first, as a woman. Not necessarily what I expect from other women, but I feel like I’d be bothered by guys everywhere. Every car that drives by, every stare from a person. I’d probably be pretty dysfunctional.

I have noticed that many very attractive women (lowest-common denominator “attractive”) seem a bit beaten up by it. Lots of depressives among them. Thoroughly unscientific view, this. Comes from being a commodity, I think. Most women allow their vaginas to become commodities - especially “in demand” women have a bit more of a problem in this area, I think. I wouldn’t especially want to be a very attractive woman.

And its a powerful bargaining tool, e.g. - “Mow that lawn or you don’t get it tonight”…
Lets face it God gave women juicy ****s so men would overlook their ignorance :wink:

That’s pretty much what I am talking about, Mick. It’s a cliche, but it is a cliche for a reason.

I don’t know but, I think this is a man thingy and it is a tad bizzare and intriguing at the same time. If I woke up the opposite gender I would fight like hell, to get my old gender back, I like being a female. Women are a complete turn off sexually and I can’t imagine that would change.

You crazy Europeans don’t know how precious tits are!



Okay, never mind… :laughing:

That goes both ways, you know. Anything can be withheld and then used as a form of capital. Mr.Man could say: “If you don’t do this for me, then you don’t love me.” etc. Or some other shit. Really lame when people treat life and love like coins and cookery.

Yeah this is weird, what’s your reasoning behind asking this question TS? I guess if I was the opposite sex and accepted it I would like the opposite sex still? Or would I be lesbian? I’d just have to get used to trivial things.