Your doing a good job

I think you should pat yourself on the back and get a vanilla icecream cone from McDonalds.

After I saw you changed the name for this section to Meta, I change me mind, was mistaken.

That’s a change I’ve had in mind for a while. I changed it while doing the backend work because it always comes up for announcements like that: they have to go in some forum, and there isn’t really a forum that fits. An announcement of downtime is neither Help nor a Suggestion, but it is Meta.

And it’s not my cute idea either because philosophy, it seems to be a pretty common name for a forum like this one.

I know, even had the administrator just name himself that.

It is a uncool thing administrators do to themselves after a while. At least we don’t have to find you a agnostic indie girl to date.

I suppose it is uncool. It was cool once, when it was new and clever, but now it’s just a standard use of language on the internet: this is the forum about the forums. It’s the Meta forum.

And I’m the Meta Poster on the Meta Forum.


I thought you’re dead.

I never die.

That’s exactly the mentality you need to keep putting those condoms full of drugs up your ass when passing through the airport. You’re got the right mindset to be a drugmule.

Stop believing your own lies.