You're Wrong!

You’re wrong…

…on the matter of Heritage. The Sins of the Father are passed onto the son. How? Because you represent your own kind whether you like it or not, and whether you’re aware of it or not. What people call “racism”, judging by appearance, firstly by skin color and hair, color and texture, or “sexism”, judging by gender male or female, is instinct. You see an individual of a group, and you correctly associate that individual with that group. You look at a person, who looks like another. You presume, again correctly, that they are related. Because people who look the same, are closer in distance genetically than those who look apart and divergent. For example, children look like their parents, do they not? They do, and because they do, I am right.

Your actions reflect your tribe, your ethnicity, your race, and your society. If you are born in America, then again, whether you want it to be true or not does not matter, your actions reflect all other Americans.

This message is against all forms of Liberal-Leftism who will vehemently deny it. Liberal-Leftists want to prop up the ideal of “individuals”, that a single person is free from burdens, and the Sins of the Father are not passed down, but they are wrong, you are wrong, because appearance is your dynasty and your inheritance. What a person looks like cannot change as much as liberal-leftists would have you believe. You cannot change your gender. Just because a guy castrates himself, does not make him a woman. It just makes him castrated. And a woman, obviously, cannot have a penis. The idealism of liberal-leftism is anti-reality. Unreal. And because of these values, dreams, and ideals, must meet reality. Must clash with reality. And that reality is as I mentioned. You are beholden to “your own kind” whether you like it or not, and whether you want to escape such responsibilities and obligations, you cannot.

Western “Rights” and laws are premised on false notions of freedoms, such that, you are not born Obligated and Indebted to others. But you are. There is a “blood-debt” inherent in all life. You are beholden to your parents and their lust, whether you want to accept the fact or not. You are beholden to life. The roof over your head, the society you keep, guarded by walls and soldiers with guns. Guarded by sacrifice, whether you are aware of it, or not, does not matter.

Ignorance will not relieve anybody of obligations. The “Freedom” put forth by liberal-leftism, and pushed and fought by Social Justice Warriors, are all in vain, and moot, impotent, while you remain ignorant to your spiritual debt.

And finally, for now, a grand point. There are no “Rights” without Responsibilities. No assets in life without liabilities. Any wealth gained or worth preserving, are risks that must be managed and maintained. There is no “Social Justice” without confrontation of this axiom, first and foremost. Modern liberal-leftists are lost, acting as children, in a world they refuse to understand, because they refuse to look courageously at their own premises.

No Rights without Responsibilities. You are aware of your “rights” as westerners and americans, but then, what of your responsibilities?

This particular liberal accepts without question the notion of personal responsibility and therefore blames no one for any of his life choices
Of course you cannot have rights without responsibilities since they are opposite sides of the same coin so complement each other entirely

What was my point though? You represent other people whether you want to or not. Therefore the ideal of “personal” responsibility is unfounded. In reality, people are entwined through many avenues and routes. Society causes obligations throughout chains of social connections. Your actions reflect upon others, and they to you as well.

The liberal notion of ‘individuality’ is idealism. How can independence exist on top of millions of people refusing to let you go?

And what are those responsibilities?

Personal responsibility means one does not seek to blame others for ones life choices but instead accepts the consequences of their actions
And so it is not an ideal but rather something practical because under the law everyone has to accept responsibility for what they say or do

Absolutes cannot be translated into reality but long as one is not impacting upon the freedom of anyone else one can do whatever they want to