YouTube Video Trend

What’s the deal with electronic voices narrating videos? That’s friggin’ creepy. Why are people and their endeavors becoming more and more creepy? Sentience seems to be declining.

I really do not watch too many utube videos but, electronic voices are taking over in many commercial companies. It is cheaper then paying someone just for a voice. Have you tried getting an operator on a landline lately? I have not for about 15 yrs but , I am pretty sure it is a computer with a few human backups.

Hey Kris,

It’s laziness and/or greed to let a machine behave on a human’s behalf and stupidity to expect humans to appreciate the clunky slight of hand.

Corporate greed and absolute disregard for human interactions. I keep trying to wake up from this acute nightmare of clunky obtuseness.

:slight_smile: Careful with that. You might to your dismay find out just how much you use things that are not human made. Look around your home and what is on you. Is communication really any different?

I know, most everything is made to be disposable junk lacking solid, natural materials, durability, and craftsmanship. The products have short term use lifespans but will junk up the Earth for millenia. That’s progress.

Progressive lack of understanding is more like it. You and I are guilty of this and yet do we stop? Can we? If I lived alone, had no bills, no responsibility, I could live cleaner. But, take heart, awareness is changing and that is in great part due to sites like this, facebook, etc. we are actually communicating better and worldwide. We see better than ever before and in small ways we change things. It will take decades but, hopefully the more we communicate over the net , we will grow.

Do we have decades?

Oh gods yes, this earth has been through worse. She knows how to clean herself of problems. Species adapt, or die. She will live.

Will we live?

We are trying to make it better: … 7537952498

Where’s the logic in making it worse while we make it better? A less eco-unfriendly product is not an eco-friendly product or is that logic that only I understand?

Wendy, are you trying to be a negative nancy?

There’s very few people who actually want to pollute the environment and destroy the Earth. We aren’t a bunch of evil nature rapists, cackling maniacally while we rub our hands together at the prospect of turning this world into a toxic wasteland. You seem to think there’s some kind of magic wand that we all have access to, something we can pick up and say “alakazam” and BOOM all the world’s problems and damage will disappear. The truth is it’s way more complicated than you’re letting on.

Wake up Gib! It already is a toxic wasteland.

Yes, because we want it to be that way. BWAHAHAHA!!! :evilfun:

That’s not funny even though its true.

I personally enjoy swimming in an ocean that’s dying slowly so who the fuck cares if we show our intelligence and construct thousands of ocean-based farms of windmills to make us energy so the oceans will die even sooner due to their caustic erosion. We be too smart to kill ourselves. It’s even better now that I grow my own food using bio-engineered seeds in ground with nuclear waste seepage and acid rain. Trick is to take pharmaceuticals and vitamins to to combat each other as my cells degenerate, but with plenty of exercise breathing noxious gases I’ll live to at least 70 or maybe 60 yrs. old. Robot parts, bionic robot parts is where to transplant my soul for I plan to live forever on Saturn’s rings among the Reptilian life forms as I force them to become robots as well. Shits and giggles! Go science go!

Nothing made by nature, nothing, must go uncorrupted.

We will survive as will many species, this issue has started underground arks within multiple countries that carry cryogenics , eggs DNA, bodies, plants , animals, human. About 10 yrs ago I discovered a site that was valid and had ongoing discussion with various governments and societies. I tried doing a search for this thread but , could not in the short time I have had. I should have kept up with it all but, life just takes it courses. An ice age will wipe out many life forms but, I think wiser heads are trying to protect species.

You’re right, it’s not funny, it’s sarcism. And you’re wrong, it’s absolutely, positively, undeniably not true, we’re not evil demons intent on destroying the world.

Wendy, I respect you too much to troll you–if I didn’t, I’d hand you your ass on a platter for being a dumb retard with my stupid blue text–but I like you and I feel like cutting through all the bullshit right now, right here, in this thread.

You’re not a happy, pleasant person. You’re angry and resentful at almost everyone and everything. That despite the fact that you’re a very pleasant person–full of love and kindness. You’re a walking paradox. You’ve got so much love in your heart, you can’t hold it in. ← I think this leads to you giving too much of yourself–to the point where you allow yourself to be exploited and taken advantage of by others, and that’s when you become bitter, angry, and resentful.

I think you’re caught within a dichotomy of extremes.

There’s a very, down-to-Earth explanation of this: it’s your amygdala:

You’ve got an over-active amygdala. While most of the time, you are rational, calm, and collected, there are certain things that set you off. Your amygdala starts firing and that elicits the “fight/flight” response–all the amygdala knows how to do is how to “fight” or how to “flee”–you either go on full-fledged attack or remain silent in your shell hoping not to get hurt–there is no middle ground for the amygdala.

The amygdala works in mutual exclusion with the frontal cortex:

(^ Look at that, it’s in the front.)

The frontal cortex is responsible for reason and rational thinking. The amygdala, when active, shuts it off. That’s why when we get emotional, we cease to think rationally.

So when we get into these emotional states, we go to ridiculous lengths to argue our points in very militant and aggressive ways (the fight response)–to the point where we cease to be rational–either that or we just STFU so as not to get hurt in any way (the flight response).

I know this from personal experience and experience with my son. My son is currently seeing a child psychologist for anger management skills (he’s kind of a problem child). The psychologist explained to me and my ex that it’s his amygdala which is the culprit. This theory about the amygdala not only explains my son’s behavior and emotional/thinking patterns, but has shed a ton of light on my own psychology. I see this pattern in myself a whole lot. It’s that situation in which you feel like you have to stand up for yourself, but you’re nervous as hell to do so. It reminds me of years ago when I felt like I had to negotiate a raise with my employer–I was so worried that it would result in a confrontation that I was visibly nervous in the meeting–voice trembling, hands shaking, etc.–so much that even though I was prepared to argue my point–reasonably, rationally–all that left my mind, and though I tried to grasp at everything I had rehearsed, all I could come up with were stammers and stuttering. I mean, it wasn’t a complete mess, but I wasn’t nearly as charismatic or persuasive as I could have been–all because I expected it to be confrontational–which stimulated my amygdala which told me: either fight for your case or just call off the meeting entirely.

^ It’s an absolutely terrible strategy unless you mean to literally kill your opposition.

If I could have been more calm and collected–taking the attitude that this was just going to be a friendly, civilized conversation between adults who both want what’s best for each party–I’m sure our frontal lobes could have easily reasoned out an arrangement that not only made rational sense but brought us to a conclusion that would have been both unexpected (due to the creativity of the frontal lobe) and beneficial (due to the creativity of the frontal lobe). But that requires assuming from the outset that this isn’t going to be a confrontation (I know, it’s easier said than done).

In any case, the therapy has (so far) worked wonders for my son. Not only that, but it’s worked wonders for me (just in virtue of understand this about how my brain works).

What I want to suggest, Wendy, my dear friend Wendy, is that you don’t have to be constantly fighting (the fight response)–and that doesn’t mean constantly submitting either (the flight response)–there is an middle ground that happens to be completely outside the flight/fight dichotomy–just a calm, civilized conversation between friends where we can actually be (surprise, surprise) reasonable. I know you feel very strongly about your convictions, but you don’t have to take the approach that everyone’s the enemy, that you have to fight everyone in order to make yourself heard. It requires a bit of trust, but I’m confident you will find that at least some people (at least myself) will reciprocate that trust and attempt to be reasonable/civilized in return.

I dunno, it’s up to you. You just seem a girl who’s so full of love (and I think you’ve proven that in the way you’ve calmed Joker) but is sometimes frustrated by the way the world won’t listen. The problem is that this frustration sets you into a frenzy that stimulates your amygdala, which is a part of the brain evolved for war, and I think you have so much more potential than that. I think all your convictions can be satisfied with a bit of trust (again, easier said that done, I realize), but I hope this bit of insight (which I say again is based on stuff I learnt from a psychologist trying to help my son) can help to bring you out of your state of conflict. I hope. Idunno. You think?