A Thread To Talk About Anything.

Ok, somebody talk about anything as I am bored.

You know what you can do when you’re bored?

You can clean your house! :wink:

You’re not solving my boredom here Pandora.

Just start cleaning!

Activism. Lately, I’ve been in this mode of needing to provide plans for change, but there’s so much wrong out there that I’m having trouble narrowing down where to place my efforts.

No, not time yet.

What preparations specifically?

Research so far and the laying out ideas for my intentional women’s only community. Repeal and replace of our current government. Public owned medical partnerships. Restructuring the educational system.

Why, are you in the mood for some type of physical protest?

Physical protest?

Here’s a keep-boredom-at-bay guide for Otto:

Keep after him, Pandabear! Make Otto check off each box! :evilfun: :laughing:

I like the every person goes on strike idea, ie. nobody reports to work, until some major governmental reforms occur.


Except if you go on strike you’ll get fired by your employer.

When you go on strike in essence you are firing your employer. In this case, every one of them would be fired.

Doesn’t work that way in the land of the slave and fee…

I understand that you cannot imagine a day in which US citizens by and far have had enough of big business and its government, enough to take action and say, “fuck you!” but such a day or even two is possible with the right band of leaders. I believe it would take a band of leaders who act as one to spearhead such an enormous operation to get nearly the whole country to strike. What a beautiful sight it would be to see the power of a nation transferred back into the hands of its people.

Why would anyone do that?
Just hire someone to do the job.

I want to start a non profit to help refugees have an easier time moving into Magnus Anderson’s back yard.

I want to fuck more and do more drugs and have a couple more really good meals.