After 2 years of trump, this will happen

Within 2 years of a Trump presidency, America will be in a full fledge
Civil war. The Donald will try to be Hitler and all hell will break loose.
I believe that a Trump presidency will be the greatest disaster in America history
and I think he will be a new low in the presidency and this is impressive
after how low bush Jr. was. But this leads to a greater problem and that
is this, we have no one in public life right now being a leader. No one
is presenting a vision of where we need to go and no one is
fighting for the greater good. I see people fighting for their piece of the pie but
not much else. This is a result of the selfish agenda of capitalism hard at work.
Every man for himself has been the mantra of America and capitalism and now
we reap what we have sowed. Every human being for themselves leaves us with
no one who is engaged in promoting the public good. Our ideology has left us
in a terrible mess and the only solution is to change the ideology that has left us
in such a mess.


I’m starting a new catch-phrase before Trump trademarks it and makes me have to pay money to use it:

“You’re all Trumped up!”

It’s okay, though… not everyone can accurately predict the future. -pats Peter on the head sympathetically-

I just really hope that you’re not THE Peter that guards the gates to Heaven. Having to rely on your judgment of who gets in and who doesn’t? Not to be mean or anything… but… There’s really no nice way to finish this statement, I realize while trying not to be mean. It just probably wouldn’t Gel right, ya know?


Just like his supporters, his opponents are also mistaken about him. He neither a hero nor a villain, but just an ordinary politician having a bit more sense of dramatics than others. That is all.

By the way, nothing of that sort will happen to US what you are assuming, if he becomes the next president. US will carry on as usual.

With love,

Home sweet home the very kind of place I want to roam…

I wouldn’t mind a post-apocalyptic future like in Fallout 3. I wouldn’t hate it.

You guys are off, way off. This is only appearance, charade. The point to all this is , a pre-arranged circus to validate the system. The end is coming, the inflationary economic stops to support the anti-dictum, that diminishing returns can be managed in a simulated economy.

What is better than an faux socialist proving that a billionaire can salvage what’s left for those he is supposed to have exploited.

The limits are approaching where, the billionaires can push ahead unto the next nearest treshold, the trillion dollar accumulation.

But this will be limited by the capacity of the whole world to absorb.

Unfortunately, societal control will at this point be overseen by a fascist form of government.

Democracy and human rights will no longer be affordable concepts to tinker with.

Uhm, nevermind the mounting pressure of millions of dissatisfied people all over; the possibility of a group like ISIS tipping the wagon over by attacking, forcing military might to activate, possibly even on our own soil, further dissatisfying the public, pushing it over the edge into panic, madness, torment as many try to collect themselves; the religious dogma of it all as so many misguided believers get involved in the mix, the possible releasing of biochemical warfare, whether accidental or purposeful, etc., etc., also noting the fact that there’s really not much of a nuclear deterrent at all in sight other than ‘we really don’t want to be hit with that shit, either.’

And, no tyrannical government ever existed for longer than it took for the people to rise up and overthrow the sonofabitchin thing.

Please provide evidence Trump is the next Hitler.

Clinton would be closer to armaggedon than trump, there is piles of evidence showing she is a warmonger who doesn’t care about human life.

Trump blocking muslims from entering the country is not a hitlerism, Muslim is a religion that preaches violence inherently, Christianity does not inherently preach violence. A muslim who does not do violence is not strictly obeying the Qu’ran. When interviewed, many American Muslims said they would vote for Sharia law if it was passed.

Auden traces the idea of every man for himself back to Luther and the protestant reformation. It was both a liberating and enslaving idea. IMHO, Germany lost WWII, but fascism won. It is a sad fact that a majority of Americans, supporting Trump, align with fascistic ideals. This current election is a bout between fascism and socialism. Trump is a circus clown, enamored by the circus media. I don’t see any revolution happening if he is elected, just more problems for the poor. That he can buy an election says much about the average American mind. It is divided between haves and have nots.


Please provide evidence that Trump is fascist.

Preventing people who follow religions promoting fascism from entering your country is not fascist.

Trump sometimes certainly behaves like a circus clown but what about those people who want a circus clown to become their president? Had US voters not given him initial success, he would have been stopped behaving like a clown long ago. But, as all that is working fine for him, why should he change his style!

Secondly, do not assume that Trump is the worst candidate, he is merely bad, not worst. It is Hillary who is the worst. She is ready to do anything if it can serve some purpose to her. Trump still has some moral limits, though not very high ones.

Outspoken and bablers need not be the worst ones always.

With love,

So Trump’s hearing was impaired so that he could not respond to the endorsement by the KKK. And why would they endorse him anyway without expecting something from him as president?

So, if some random faggot endorses me, that means I automatically endorse the views of the random faggot?

Rednecks, KKK and the Tea Party endorse Trump. Surely they expect something from him.


I think you need remedial logics class.

Ultimate Philosophy 1001: Please provide evidence that Trump is fascist.
Preventing people who follow religions promoting fascism from entering your country is not fascist."

K: look at everything he has said. He has said he will deport millions of people,
he has said he will build a wall, he has said he admires Putin and has publically
said Putin is doing a great job. At no point has he said he would work with congress
or the American people. The actions he purposes all require him to be a dictator
and his words suggest he believes in fascism. He is a serial liar, I will give you that,
but his actions his whole life suggest he is a bully (he was kicked out of several military
schools for being a bully when he was in his teens) and he has espoused dictatorship
actions, so yes, I take at his word and believe he is a fascist dictator in waiting.
He has said nothing to contradict this and everything in support of this idea of his
being a fascist dictator. Take him at this word and you too will see him being a
fascist dictator.


I googled “Trump endorses Putin” and all I got was “Putin endorses Trump”.

Please provide evidence that Trump endorses Putin.

As I am technically inept, I cannot cut and paste to save my life,
I found a mother jones article, that talks about how trump loves Putin
and why. Try Mother Jones, trump, Putin in some combination.