After 2 years of trump, this will happen

I tend not to take people seriously who say “cool story bro” and use stupid one liners. Its effimenant as fuck, like some douchey hipster.

I fobbed off his comments with such a reply because it’s ill-informed rubbish. Leftists think anything that opposes them is fascist. It’s childish.

The reason I have a problem with your comment is it implies that 1. this nation has democratic elections in the sense where people have actual power. (this is false, because only the richest candidates are voteable, which is undemocratic and more like an oglicharchy.) 2. the statement imples that fascism cannot arise as the result of democratic elections (this is also false.)

I also have a problem with the left/right binary dichotomy. For instance, Irrelus did not identify as a socialist or fascist, yet you categorized him as a “leftist”. Really it is a spectrum, people share certain values and they disagree on other values. People associate socialism with leftism and clearly Irrelus posted against socialism. The very idea of partisanry is degrading civilzation.

In context, I was laughing at Ierrellus’ claim that fascism is elected.

I’ll ask this again (third time and no answer yet): Does America have a senate, or equivalent, where laws are debated, voted on, then passed or rejected? Is there an equivalent to the Enabling Act from the Wiemar Republic in the American constitution or laws?

K: yes, we have a senate and a house. the senate has 2 members for each state thus 100 members and the house
has proportional seating with no more than 435 members. The house proposes laws, the senate either accepts
or rewrites it and sends it back for approval. a bill can yo-yo between house and senate for a bit, while they
work out the language. Finally the senate approves and sends it to the president who signs or doesn’t.
I don’t know the “enabling act” from the Wiemar Republic. This is a very rough explanation and by no means
a full and complete explanation.


Doesnt matter if we have a Senate, its all garbage and bullshit. And yes, you’re right, fascism is not elected, its all a farce and made to look as if it is elected.

Okay. Thanks for the explanation. The Senators are elected too, I presume.
The Enabling Act was the legislation Hitler passed to dissolve all separation of powers and give him, and his party, entire authority over the country.

F: Okay. Thanks for the explanation. The Senators are elected too, I presume.
The Enabling Act was the legislation Hitler passed to dissolve all separation of
powers and give him, and his party, entire authority over the country.

K: a version of the enabling act is what bush jr. did in response to 9/11.
We in America call it the “Patriot act” which is fancy language for the
“Enabling act”.


The actual Patriot Act:

In case somebody was tempted to believe PK.

K: in laws as in everything, it is not in the language but in the intention of the act.
so for example, policemen have rules and regulations preventing them from shooting
people and yet, everyday we hear of a new incident of policeman shooting
innocent people and getting away with it. The actual rules matter little,
it depends on how the rules are used.


Right, the facts don’t matter, what matters is that you want to compare Bush to a Nazi. And for that, you need a particular interpretation of his intentions which transcends mere reality.

It was the 1929 starting World Depression (also known as “Great Depression”) that caused it, but the NSDAP did never get a majority.

Here are the results of the German Reichstag elections from 1919 to 1933:

The World Depression (“Great Depression”) and the following disastrous politics started 1929. Look at the election results for the NSDAP and notice when they really exploded. Then you will know why they exploded.

The dictatorship was already a fact when the last election (1933) happened, and even this election did not bring the majority to the NSDAP (Nazis).

Bush’s grandfather had close ties with Adolf Hitler and was a big financial contributor during WW2. So yes, Bush kind of is a Nazi.

According to leftists, all those who are right from them are rightists, and they call them “fascists”, because they want to be “anti-fascists”. But in reality they are the fascists, the new fascists. The new fascist does not say “I am the new fascist”, the new fascist says “I am the anti-fascist”.

Pretty sure Nazism isn’t hereditary. So no, not even ‘kind of’.

I know moderns don’t really have family traditions, but Bush kind of belongs to an ancient lineage and upholds the same traditions. Its kind of like why back in the day they usually killed off the king’s lineage, because you knew that they’d just spawn new ones. Bush is definitely “in” with his granddaddies club, I mean if you haven’t noticed there have been three bushes who have ran for president, 2 successful so far. It’s not the case of “I want to be a dentist” or “Mommy Im queer” like Rudolf the Rednose Raindeer.

Hey, my forum is what it says it is. You can pretty much post anything you want there, but if it is really stupid it goes to the rubbish bin for all to see (it is not censored.)

Ah, you have an own forum! Congratulations! I have just read the subtitle: “A community of budding artists, philosophers, gamers and scientists against fascism, libtardism, humanism, and unreason in all it’s forms.”

Ok, so you have a reason why it pleases you to compare Bush to a Nazi. Why are you expecting me to play along as though you’ve got an argument for it?