Anyone here seen a ghost, UFO, or other strange entity?

If so, can you describe it to me in detail?

I’ve met and seen all of the above.

It’s not that important. Brutal honesty and truth are what’s important. I’m not saying that ‘white lies’ - meaning lies that protect honesty are bad -

Let me break off for a moment…

Let’s say that you’re part of the Underground Railroad to free slaves and bring them north where slavery is outlawed and confederate soldiers knock on your door and ask you if you’re keeping escaped slaves… of course you lie!!! Duh!!!

These are what we call ‘white lies‘, lies for the betterment of life.

Now, to come back to my point about brutal honesty…

It’s more important than knowing all the realms and meeting all the big players …

They’ll follow you and not the other way around.

They’ll be asking, “did you meet Maia ?!?!”

Your post did not answer Maia’s question in the least.

I’m giving her perspective that it’s not important, that’s she’s more important.

Let me clarify this…

Until I with 200% confidence safely navigate existence as a whole. There are ideas and beings that I don’t discuss.

And look how honest I am on these boards.

Two more posts in which you did not answer her question.


You’re bold. You want all the answers NOW!!!

You’ve always been that way on these boards.

There are some things you and Maia are not ready to know.

It’s literally like letting a child walk into a room with a big red button that will set off all the worlds nukes…

Except it’s at a cosmic level, and the consequence of ignorantly pressing that button sends every being in existence to the deepest hells forever.

Maia only asked for a description of one (non-dangerous) spirit. Why are you acting like a description causes hell?


I’ll answer a simpler question …

ET’s can telepathically make you see or think what they want. They can push you through any multiverse they want.

Some are billions of years more evolved than us.

Is that what you want to know?

Ghost, UFO? Nope, not a one.

On the other hand, I believe it is important to make a distinction between things like ghosts and UFO.

Seeing a ghost [or believing in them] is one way of convincing yourself that life after death is the real deal. Unidentified Flying Objects on the other hand does not suggest that at all. After all, if there is intelligent life on other worlds, it’s not out of the question that they might have found us. Nothing “supernatural” at all about that.

On the other hand, given the staggering distances involved…

…it would be quite an accomplishment.

Strange things?

Not really strange. Well, to the best of my recollection.

But here’s the thing…

It’s one thing to have seen or heard or felt or experienced something strange, and another thing altogether to demonstrate to others that it was in fact the real deal.

Especially if its existence might have importance consequences for others.

I have seen other souls but not in this dimension. They were white and semi-transparent in the generic shapes of a human form, from the distance of my point of view. I was probably 40 feet away, wherever I was, it was all dark grey. I understood them to be male and female, but there weren’t any other details I could see. What was terrifying is that they all shared the emotion of hopelessness and that their desperation stretched towards me and overwhelmed me. I willed myself away post haste.

I have only heard an adult, male ghost laugh as it played with an actual puppy in another room.

Are ETs and earthbound spirits the same thing, would you say?


Anyone who has a sensitive soul and has any measure of privilege punishes themselves by rolling with wrathful spirits. That’s almost a cosmic law. Then, they hate life. Then they understand how important good relationships are, then, for the love of themselves and others, they change from existentialism to life itself. I hope this journey isn’t too difficult for you.

Umm… it’s complicated. When their spirits meld, yes, as the Bible teaches, they are one flesh.

Don’t take that to mean I’m endorsing the Bible.

Ghosts may be many things, other than spirits of the dead. UFOs also seem to fall into the same category of apparitions, judging by the strangeness of most of the reports.

I’ve had some experiences that could be described as auditory hallucinations, or disembodied voices talking to me. These always take places at ancient sacred sites, at night when I’m alone.

Perhaps so-called aliens are the same as stories of mythological creatures that have been with us throughout history.

My friend and I were trying to fall asleep in her room when we both heard that laugh. We armed ourselves and crept through her entire house and found no evidence of another person, but every exterior door was unlocked which freaked us out even more.

When I heard the voice I knew it wasn’t coming from a physical person. I also smelt things that couldn’t have been there, and heard ethereal music too. All very weird.

We already discussed this Maia. They are our ancestors.

Your job, if you should see so fit to do it, is to calm their spirits. Listen to them, but be yourself. If you are wise and kind, they will stop hurting you.

Flesh and blood ET’s are real. Actually there are lots of ET’s on earth that only have light bodies… no flesh and blood.

Like I tried to explain before… it’s not about them, it’s about YOU!!!

You are the most important being in existence to you…

Work on yourself. Support will be there.